Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Preparing for Easter...

Baking for my friend...

Sunday was crazy weatherwise. Wind, an and hail and it's only April!

I stopped and took this pic as I was headed into town for a quick shop...

My roses don't seem to mind this wild weather...

I made some Rocky Road to take to Adelaide to my girls. It's actually bumpy road as I didn't include nuts as Bri doesn't like them. In this lot there's marshmallows, lolly raspberry jubes and crispy M&M eggs...

Then I had a go at Easter chocolate bark. I coloured 4 bowls of white chocolate....

...blobbed it onto a tray...

...swirled the colours together...

...dotted it with crispy easter eggs and marshmallows...

Let it set then chop it into chunks! Easy!

Another batch of Rocky Road, this time with Crunchie and Turkish Delight eggs, raspberries and marshmallows mixed through melted chocolate.

Oh, yeah!

And finally and most tediously, Tia Maria chocolate truffles. I am done!

My girls have an Easter feast prepared for the weekend and I plan to make hot cross buns for Sunday. After the weekkend, we are heading up the river for the week! Can not wait!

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. Oh my you are making me so hungry. My daughter would absolutely love your Easter treats. I know that if I show her she will want to make one of them. Mmmmm I'll think about it.

    Sounds like a wonderful Easter awaits you and then a week away. Enjoy.

  2. Everything looks yummy! I made a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Pie for Kasey's birthday on Thursday. It's in the freezer till then. I have a drawer full of Easter candies to do something with, I may try the colored white chocolate bark. So pretty.

  3. Joolz the photos are taking a long time to download for some reason. However just reading the text was enough for me to put on weight. LOL! Have a lovely Easter with your family.

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. You must have had a great time making up all these Easter treats, Joolz. I would be in serious trouble if I made a haul like that...I would be taste testing way too often;) Have a lovely Easter. Meg

  5. Let the chocolate feast begin! Yummo - and Tia Maria truffles sound like heaven! Have a lovely Easter.


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