Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter is family time...

...and we like to spend it together. Since the girls have been living away, it's become tradition to get together, cook up a storm and enjoy the long weekend.

It was a cracking blue sky day for Good Friday and I made my way to Adelaide, arriving at 1pm. Gus was to follow later in the day as he had work to finish up. It took me ages to get the focus right in this pic, haha!

Kirby had prepared pizza dough earlier and had the first of three pizzas in the oven. when I arrived. This is a favourite - potato, garlic, bocconcini, parmesan and rosemary.

Next up, prawn and sundried tomato...

...and finally, a Margherita which was so tasty!

We sat outside enjoying that blue, blue sky...

...playing Five Alive and Exploding Kittens. Lots of laughs, I tell you!

For dinner, Bri's boyfriend, Michael produced two schnapper that he had lurking in his freezer from a previous charter fishing trip. Kirby prepared a Thai coconut, chilli and lemongrass marinade which was slathered on and in the fish. There was also a crayfish!

Entree was some scallops in a lemon butter...

...and two dozen oysters Kilpatrick which were demolished quickly.

The schnapper was cooked to perfection, under the watchful eyes of Gus and Nate. Kirby prepared coconut rice and steamed bok choy with sesame and soy to go with it. Altogether, a great dinner!

It's another beautiful day here so we're going up into the hills to suss out some markets then chill out until dinner which will be slow roasted pork. Stay tuned!

I hope you are having an peaceful Easter.

Cheers - Joolz xx

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  1. Such a wonderful, special weekend for you all. You have a lovely family and plenty of laughs together too. I love all that.

    You all seem to be great cooks too. I look forward to that slow roasted pork. I just purchased pork from the farmers market this morning and they advised me to leave it open in the fridge the night before cooking without covering at all. This dries it up a little for perfect crackling.

    Enjoy your time together and that perfect blue sky.


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