Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday - Hump day!

Yes, it's Wedneday once again. My girls call it hump day because it is the hump in the middle of the week. To me it is garbage night, the day after pay day, newsletter day and at the moment, I don't think I even have a favourite TV show on tonight.

I have been sitting here, cruising around the blog dashboard, trying to change the look of my site. I have tried to add a photo to the header but it hasn't worked yet. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Now I am going to try and add a few photos. Lets see what happens.

First pic is of my Melting Moment biscuits that I made for Yas' 18th. ...No it isn't...I can't seem to upload it. Gotta cook tea now so I will have to try later. Very frustrating!!!

Seeya soon, Julie

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy 22nd Wedding Anniversary.....

I've been battling a cold/ flu since last week. I should've taken time off work and stayed home in the warmth for a few days but mums tend not to do that. I battled on and still hadn't shaken it by Friday. We had planned an anniversary weekend away to Melbourne and we had tickets to see Wicked so it was just too hard and expensive to cancel. It was a lousy weekend, I spent most of it in bed (by myself), doped up on flu medicine and I can only remember the first half of the musical. We managed to salvage the return airfares (I got a sick certificate from a chemist who stated I was too unwell to travel by air) so we can use them at a later date. We didn't get to a restaurant unless you count McDonalds! We certainly didn't blow the budget. Ah, well these things happen.

One more week of school then K17 is finished Yr 12. She has 2 exams next term in W5. When K17 gives my camera back (she is taking photos of classmates today for a liturgy slideshow), I will put up some photos I took last week. In my flu induced stupor, I still managed to make Melting Moment biscuits for her friend, Yas, 18th birthday. They did turn out lovely. I feel honoured that a young person requests my bikkies for her present! :)

I only went into work yesterday at 1pm and I'm doing the same today. It just gives me a bit of relax time while I'm not feeling so hot. I tend to do all my work in whatever alotted time I have so I will get it all done this arvo, even tho I am only at work for 3 hours.

...Not sure what is happening with today. I keep getting a message while I'm typing this to say that it may not save the draft so I might sign off now and see if it will post it. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow to put up the photos so you can see a bit of my corner of the world.

Until next tim e- Cheers Julie

Monday, September 15, 2008

Where did Spring go?

Good grief! We are freezing our butts off down in the SE at the moment. Gale force winds, hail and frequent heavy showers of rain. Saturday it was lovely and warm and I actually got sunburned on my neck. Today it would be more like frost-bite!

I have come home early from work as I have a sore throat and feel a bit achy. There wasn't much for me to do at work so I tidied up a few things then came home at lunch time. Now I'm dosed up on paracetamol and taking it easy. B14 felt better today so she went to school so I hope she is over it.

I just tried to take a photo of our cat, Bonnie, but she would not co-operate. All I got was a lot of blurry pics of her, turning her butt towards me. She will not sit still and look at me face to face! Very frustrating. :(

As I look out the window, I can see another big bank of grey clouds forming so we are in for some more rain and rough weather. The farmers will be happy, especially if we get a follow up of sunshine. We are quite lucky in this little corner of the world - although the season has been dry and the rains came quite late, we have had quite good rains recently so all the crops and pastures are looking good.
They don't call it the Green Triangle for nothing (the area between Millicent, Mt Gambier and Penola with 50kms separating each town).

I probably should knock up something for the girls to eat when they get home from school but ...I can't be bothered. My legs are aching now and I don't have a lot of energy. I just feel a bit run down. I have to pick the girls up from the bus stop at 4.10pm then after that I might have a snooze.

If I have an early night and keep warm I should be right tomorrow. I am not sick very often. The last time I had a real sick day was in 2004 when the flu got me but even then I only had one day off. When you work in your own business you tend not to have sickies, but just battle through. Today, I didn't think it was right to be coughing and spluttering in the office with others around.

Until next time,

Cheers - Julie

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A great weekend!!!

I am enjoying a lazy Sunday. I got us at 7.45am, made a coffee then watched The Devil wears Prada in the silence of the house. Part way through I was joined by K17.

Her netball team won their Grand Final yesterday, 57-42!! Whoo hoo!! It was a great game and all players did a cracker job. It was a beautiful warm sunny day for the finals at Mt. Burr FBC. We went out to Hatherleigh FBC to celebrate. The 13/under Netball girls also won, as did the Reserves and A grade Football. Four teams in the final and 4 wins - a very good result. There will be some sore heads this morning!! Lol! We taxi'd home at 10.30 and I feel very pleased with that decision this morning. It would have been easy to settle in, like someone else I know (A?).

So we finished watching Devil then B14 arose. I think she has the start of the flu. Hot eyes, cold then hot and generally miserable. But she enjoyed my choc chip pancakes. A day on the couch, wrapped up and dosed with paracetamol is on the cards for her and maybe a day home tomorrow.

I've got to whiz thru the house on my vax, do several loads of washing because nothing got done yesterday then get ready for the week ahead. There are only 2 weeks of school left for this term. OMG, K17 is about to finish Yr 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She still has a couple of assignments to hand in then it is all over. Next term, she has 2 exams (Chemistry and Georgraphy) in week 4 or 5 but only has to attend school for tutorials on some days until then.

We have come through fairly unscathed and her results/scores/grades have been very pleasing. I hope she gets a T.E.R. (Tertiary Entrance Ranking) that she is happy with. I know how much effort she has put into her 5 years at TWC so I don't really care about the T.E.R. so much. Next year, she will be off to Uni to do either Journalism or Business Marketing. We'll have to wait and see.

So, I had better get off my toosh and go vax etc. Yawn!

Until next time,


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday

I had the day off work today. I had my nails done! It is one hour when no-one interupts me. It is
'me' time. I have been doing this for 4 years now. I deserve it. I love it.

I received: my prize stitchery from Rhonda Jean in the mail yesterday. It made me smile. :)
I am thinking: of all the people who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. Rest in peace.
I am cooking: Blueberry/white choc muffins, double choc muffins and 'Mum's boiled Salad Dressing' (mayonnaise).
For dinner tonight: Chicken Wellington w. cream cheese and chives, fresh tossed salad of lettuce greens, truss tomatoes, leb cucumber, spanish onion, celery, carrot and kalamata olives, parm cheese (w. my salad dressing), baked potatoes w sour cream.....okay the Chicken Wellington is from Lenards!
My girls: are at the final netball training before GF on Saturday. K17 is in the B Grade final and B14 is helping my friend KP train her 13/under side for the final.
I can hear: the Paralypics in the other room. It's the Aussie Rollers basketball. Must try and catch a game. It's very speccy.
I am savouring: a glass of Cab Sav. Aaagh!
I am: having trouble with the photo of the muffins so I will finish this post and see where it ends up. I need K17 and B14 to help me. Why do I feel 144 years old right now?
Until next time,
Kind regards - Julie
After editing, I see it has worked so now I am on a roll. Look out! : )

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A busy week ahead

Spring has sprung and today is a beautiful sunny day after a white frost this morning. I didn't go for my usual walk at 6am as KP is away on a two day break with her husband. I did get early though and made fresh blueberry and white choc and triple choc muffins for K17 and B14 before they went off on the bus to school at 7.30am. Lucky girls.

It is the MSEFL Grand Final this coming Saturday. K17's Hatherleigh B Grade Netball team are in the GFinal and so is KP's 13/Under side that she coaches. She is getting nervous. Hopefully the weather will be something like today.

There is a spate of gastro going around at the moment. My work off-sider, Joe, is home crook with it. It has gone through his family, literally! Fingers crossed we don't get it. We are not usually susceptable to these bugs so here's hoping.

Here is a Christmas gift plea... does anyone have any quirky ideas for inexpensive, hand made gifts made from fabric that I can make for my sisters. I'm not the worlds best sewer so anything glued/sewn would be handy. Let me know if you do. Last year the theme was 'anything made from paper' and it was quite surprising how the 5 of us interpreted it. We all made very different gifts and we were thrilled with them. But fabric is not my forte so I am struggling for ideas..and time is ticking by!!

I have found some lovely blogs and I cant believe how inspiring some of these women are. I am in awe of home-schooling mums (moms) and love reading of frugal and simple lives. It does the heart good to read of others daily lives.

I live in a small country town and we do day to day things. Theres Basketball, tennis, netball each week. We own our business and both work in it. It has given us opportunities to see some beautiful places in the world. We have been to Dubai, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Italy, India, England, Tahiti, New Zealand and Hawaii. I am blessed to have a beautiful new home, a wonderful husband who loves me, two teenage girls who have not been a nightmare to raise. They are polite, respectful, gorgeous, funny, academic, extremely messy when it comes to their bedrooms and bathroom and laundry duty, Gilmore Girls addicts (Oh yes, we have the 7 seasons on DVD!) and they are usually AWOL when it comes to doing the dishes. Sound familiar?? Life, I love it!

Keep smiling,