Wednesday, January 10, 2018

First homemade for 2018...

I’m adding a list in my side bar for handmade or homemade things I produce. It will be interesting to see how big the list is by the end of the year.

First up, a batch of pickled beetroot. It was reasonably priced at my local Foodland so I bought 8-9 and boiled then pickled them last night.

I do add more sugar for a sweeter pickle but I love the mix of celery seeds, mustard seeds and pepper for the spices.

Our staff gave us a Vegepod (like the one pictured above) for Christmas so this coming weekend, I’ll be setting it up and planting a few things. I need to read up on what’s in season.  I’d love to grow my own beetroot and carrots and of course some tomatoes.  Apparently, the dwarf varieties are best so the plants don’t get too big - Tiny Toms cherry tomatoes...
Stay tuned for that! 

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. Pickled beetroot. Yum! I adore beetroot and it's pretty easy to grow too. I just harvested a little bunch of golden beets - out of season but I grew them to be baby-sized in one of my grow bags that I could move if the position was too hot for them. Happy gardening! Meg:)

  2. We love our homemade beetroot and I use Rhonda's recipe also...yum!

    I have beetroot growing at the moment :)

    I like the idea of the list of homemade items, such a great idea!

    Good luck with your veggie growing adventures!


  3. Hello Joolz. Your blog is lovely! I am your newest follower! You have reminded me to go check the beetroot growing in my veggie garden - it must be almost ready. I think your veggie pod is a wonderful gift. I loved the glasses & wine your sisters gave you in your last post too ... made me laugh. Happy Week to you Joolz.

    1. From one Julie to another - hello and welcome to my blog! :)

  4. I hate drying clothes inside, but your little airer looks very neat and tidy there in the background ..... I might give that a shot.

    1. Yes, I hate drying it in inside, even in summer! We have pesky birds that poop on anything left under our pergola, otherwise I'd sit the rack out there. Usually, things dry overnight so I get rid of them each morning.
      I think this one was from Target or K Mart and quite cheap. I do have another bigger fold out one that takes more clothes.
      When we built our outdoor fire place, my 4 strand extenda-line had to go... :(


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