Monday, January 8, 2018

Sister Christmas presents...

Each year, my 4 sisters and I exchange gifts.

This was our directive from last Christmas for 2017...

I had the hard task of finding a bottle of wine or drink starting with J.  I scoured Dan Murphy’s aisles then I came across this bottle of Juliet Moscato.  I stuck a gold star on the bottle over the t and voila - Julie moscato! Each sister received a personalised glass too.
Leanne made this Limoncello herself, but used an original labelled bottle. I can’t wait to try it!  The glass was purchased from an Op shop in Minyip for 50c! 😊
Sue chose Santa Julia for me and personalised the glass...
I love Janine’s wonky, tipsy glass and her clever disguise of this Omni sparkling wine! 

Marilyn gave me Moscato and this huge glass - not sure that I’m game to use it, there might be a hangover on the end of that one!
Here is our directions for Christmas 2018 - green, eco friendly, recyclable - better get my thinking cap on!
Brianna was my Kris Kringle and she gave me this lovely Mimco pouch, Aēsop hand cream and a few samples too. Love it!
My beloved spoiled me and bought me this beautiful pendant from Tiffany! 

Very spoiled, I am!
So that’s our sister presents for another year.  Do you do anything like that with your family...or Kris Kringle?

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. I love these. Were the glasses etched professionally or do you have clever sisters?

    1. I purchased mine online but I'm not sure about my sister's that she gave me. They do make a nice pressie, though.

  2. We do Kris Kingle in my family as well and it includes the whole family - my brother, sister and their families as well as mine.

    Only exception is if you are under 15, you still get various presents.

    Our only rules are $100 limit and no cash or vouchers.

    It works well for us as we are at the stage now where none of us really need anything and you can get a decent gift for $100.

    I do love the way you do Christmas with your sisters - so original.


    1. Yes, I think the KK idea is here to stay in our family. I would normally buy a heap of stocking stuffers for my girls (aged 27 and 24) and really, they don’t need it. This way you get one thoughtful present and not a heap of ‘stuff’ that you have to find a home for.


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