Monday, January 22, 2018

A quiet weekend...

I had a new oven installed last Westinghouse blew another fan element which was going to cost around $200 to fix - I have had that replaced before in November 2016.  I remember saying then, that if anything else goes on the oven, we need to replace it not fix it as we’ve spent plenty on it over the past 5 years.
So, we bought a Miele.  We have a Miele dishwasher that hasn’t missed a beat since we installed that in May, 2009 so we figured the quality must be good.
It did a brilliant job baking these dinner rolls.  Really even browning which my other oven wasn’t doing.
Next up, a lasagne and again, lovely browning.
Oh, yeah!
We had a rainbow appear at 8.15pm ...

I know Mason jars have been around a while and everybody has been drinking juices and shakes out of them but I’ve noticed some US homesteaders drink their coffee out of them.  
I thought I’d give it a go with a Rose’s marmalade jar, enjoying a coffee with my poached googs...
I potted up these two teacups to gift to our visitors who are coming for Australia Day.  I think they’ll like them...


I did a lot of pottering and tidying on the weekend.  I ‘tried’ to tidy the spare room as best I could.  We seem to have suitcases and ‘stuff’ that doesn’t have a home so it gets dumped in the spare room.  Ugh!  I also dusted and made up the beds in the girl’s room, ready for our guests.  Time to rehydrate with a lime mineral water, served in a champagne flute!

This morning, I converted 6 boxes of beer bottles...

...into a crispy $20 note!  Gotta love South Australian recycling - every stubby is worth .10c when taken to the recyclers.  Luckily, the recyclers is about 2 minutes down the road... 😊
I have a busy few days coming up - working plus doing meal prep for our guests.  
I need to make...
Lemon slice (Tuesday, refrigerate)
Monte Carlo biscuits (Wednesday)
Butter cake for lamingtons (Wednesday, freeze for Friday am)
Flat breads (Thursday morning)
Raita (Thursday)
Kachumber salad to accompany curry (Thursday)
Chicken curry (pm Thursday)
Lamington preparation (Friday am)
Pasta salad (Friday am)
Tossed green salad (Friday am)

That should keep me busy!

Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. Wow Joolz you are busy. Your new oven sounds like it is working well. I have heard that Miele is a quality brand.

  2. Aren't quiet weekends lovely! Your teacups with succulents have given me an idea for a present, I have a friend who loves them:) Meg


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