Thursday, November 2, 2017

French onion chicken and tomato bake...

A yummy snack - Rye Cruskits, light Philly cheese and a ripe, juicy tomato...

To make my simple tomato bake, slice up tomato, zucchini and celery or omit these if you wish.  You can also add onion but I put onion in my French onion chicken so thought not to.  Fresh green beans are also lovely in it ...and bacon... the list could go on!

Season well with salt and pepper and a big sprinkle of mixed herbs...

Top with your favourite cheese (I used a bit of grated mozzarella that needed using up, then sprinkled with bread crumbs (not shown) then topped with a little parmesan cheese.  You can use less if you want!

Bake for about 30-40 minutes until bubbly and golden...  

Onto this delicious French Onion Chicken from Marie at the English Kitchen.  I used thighs, chopped into big chunks, instead of breasts.  I also did mine in a casserole dish instead of the slow cooker and it was cooked in about an hour or so.  I added a bit of extra water along the way and thickened with the sherry/cornflour mixture at the end.  This makes it lovely and glossy.

I served the chicken with a packet of Continental rice and quinoa (as Marie had used a brown rice of some sort).  This was quite delicious but if you are not into packets (and I find I am using less and less) probably a brown rice with a splash of soy sauce might to the trick.  Teamed with the tomato/zucchini bake, it was altogether yummy!  I even did the parmesan croutons too!

I've accumulated these enamel tins over time and find them great for baking smallish dishes for the two of us.  They are also handy to take away camping instead of ceramic ones that may break...

 I went to my Bowen Therapy lady this morning and we think my rib pain is muscular.  She worked on me and hopefully I will start to get some relief.  I have another appointment for a Bowen/massage
session next Thursday.

I love Bowen - you remain fully clothed, it is fairly gentle and I have always had success working out the niggles in my neck and now hopefully my rib area.  I hope you are all feeling tip top today!

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. The Bowen technique was a life saver for me years ago, Joolz. I could hardly walk so a friend did the Bowen technique on my back and it came good in no time. I think some people are more competent than others but he was excellent. Lovely meals as usual.

  2. Always looking for a side dish and the tomato bake is a goodie. Thanks for sharing.
    I hope the Bowen Therapy gives you relief very soon.


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