Friday, May 5, 2017

Blogo trouble again...

I am sick of these apps that fail after a certain amount of time. Blogo now tells me my 'photo limit' has been reached! It gives no solution how to fix the problem.

I paid a subscription to this useless app but have had no support from them since trying to trouble shoot this problem. No emails have been replied to, so I am furious!

So, bear with me while I try and sort this out!

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. We'll be here. I'm glad I never succumbed to the app racket.

  2. Oh dear, hope you can sort it out.

  3. Goodness me, Joolz...I was hoping Blogo would be a good App for when I am away from home and the computer and want to write a blog post. I will watch this space :-)

  4. Nawww no good.. I'm sure you'll work something out, you're very ingenious like that �� I've been following your blog for what seems like years, well ever since I went into hospital for a hysterectomy & things went sour and I had to give up my business.. then my daughter had twins & that only seems like yesterday but in actual fact it's 10 years ago.. wow times have changed. I've loved following along & really not saying more than two words. Today I find myself once again searching your blog for something that you put on it years & years ago about a family rules sign.. I've been looking for something similar.. About 10 months ago now my house burnt down and we lost everything!! We are all ok & have survived lol but led me to looking for a house/family rules sign.. it's ironic what a total loss does to your mind.. you certainly learn to realise what is precious to you. How many clothes, appliances, comforts of home you can actually do without!!
    Anyway as I sit here, in the car park of the primary school picking up my grandchildren I've got time to think about just how lucky we all are.. hope you can sort the blog out Joolz, it's one blog I love reading specially your recipes & adventures in ruby & pearl..
    I was able to go searching and find recipes of yours after the fire that I had previously copied & had on hand.. I thank you for allowing access to your blog..
    Love it.. time to go in & get the kids.. cheers till next time. Thanks Joolz..


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