Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sunrise at Lake Tyrrell...

Monday 24th April, 2017
I set the alarm for 6.15am to give us time to properly wake then get down to the lake for the beginning of the sunrise...
It would be so spectacular if the lake was fuller but we were not disappointed by the colours...
Our free camp spot, right next to the highway - it was a bit noisy with trucks rumbling through!
Our last camp breakfast! We love how the toast cooks on the BabyQ grill (just put foil underneath and it toasts beautifully)...
When we arrived at the camp site, there was a lot of rubbish left in the stone barbecue by inconsiderate piggy people. Lots of bottles, cans, fast food packaging and worse, nappies and wet wipes which do not biodegrade...
I got a bag and a pair of long tongs and went on a walk to gather as much as would fit in the bag. Disgusting! It makes my blood boil! There are council bins down at the viewing platform but people are too lazy to carry it 500 metres. When we pack up camp, we do not leave a bottle cap, tissue - nothing! Leave only tyre tracks!
We were going to have another night closer to home but rain is forecast for the afternoon. Packing up Pearl, nice and dry means we don't need to undo her (pop the top when we get home).  We are getting good at packing up - Gus does outside stuff and I make sure everything is put away inside, ready for the next adventure.
On our way, we stopped to look at the silo art at Brim, a small grain growing community in Victoria.
Quite amazing that this artwork was completed in about 3 weeks! We continued on to Warracknabeal where we had a light lunch of quiche and salad at Cafe Peppercorn. Then we went on to Horsham, then Edenhope, Penola and got home around 5.45pm. We've had a great 10 days away!
Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. I have really enjoyed following your 10 day holiday Joolz. Time to start planning the next one 🙂.

  2. I really enjoy your posts about your adventures in Pearl and Ruby. very engaging.

  3. Loving your adventures. PC said we must go camping again as a year has passed since our last camp out.

  4. Beautiful photos, I love wide open skies! I such a shame you had to pick up other people's litter, my blood would boil too! I'm almost driven bonkers when those who smoke flick their cigarette butts out their car windows or crush them under their foot and them walk off. Truly, it's not that far to a bin! Meg


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