Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Lazy Tuesday...

We set the yabby pots but we only caught little prawny things, not worth cooking.

Also, a good haul of what we think are carp - 20 in one pot! These are not for eating.

We headed into Mannum at noon and had lunch at the Pretoria Hotel. A nice meal of King George Whiting (grilled for me and crumbed for himself). A good salad bar and an outdoor area overlooking the Murray. Then we hit up the Foodland for more supplies, the butcher and the bakery. The candlestick maker was shut, lol!

Then it was back to sit and watch the river go by. Lots of bird life, chirping away.

We had nice loin lamb chops (you could tell it was from a country butcher and not prepackaged in the city...

...parmesan crusted potato wedges...

...with a little salad. Tried a new dressing Orange & Honey with Dijon mustard, very nice!

More sitting by the pig with a few red wines, then off to bed! We move on tomorrow, further up the river.

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. Your posts keep making me hungry. Those lamb chops look really good. We love lamb chops here.

    Enjoy, looks so relaxing.

  2. How relaxing! And delicious meals too! Meg:)

  3. Yes they certainly are carp, terrible at the moment, a serious problem in the Murry. Dont let them back in!

    The little prawny things are shrimp. ;) They make good bait for fishing!

    Looks like my childhood home. Beautiful photos.


  4. Looks lovely. Are you heading to Loxton? Would love to catch up one day for a coffee!


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