Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 6 - Netball in the rain and lamb cutlets...

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Brianna played in her last 17 & Under netball game of the minor round on Saturday - it was windy, wet and very cold. She also had to umpire a junior game before her game so she was freezing when she went on. They had a good game although they lost two of their players to injury (a shoulder and an ankle) and had to have young Under 15's stand in. They lost by 3 goals but Brianna declared it their best game of the season and they played the top team. She played Goal Keeper which she really enjoys. Now they are in the semi final as they finished 4th on the ladder.
For lunch I had a toasted sandwich of left over chicken breast, barbecue sauce and about a tablespoon of grated cheese on the Cape Seed bread. No photo sorry, I was really hungry as I didn't have anything at netball. Normally I would have a cup of soup and a hot dog or a pasty. Not this time.
After netball, I headed to Mt. G to catch up with a friend for coffee, bought some more delicious Cape Seed bread from Baker's Delight (and a Berry Tea scroll to have with coffee - I had the tiniest piece!) and I treated myself to a new lipstick and eyeshadow.
I was glad to get home as it was really wet and stormy coming home. Angus was in charge of dinner - we had herb crusted lamb cutlets, smashed potatoes and salad. Once again - no photo sorry.
Week 1 (Day 6)
I slackened off a bit today (I think you can have a bit of salad/fruit overload) - I was still very good and apart from a tiny piece of the scroll (bun) I didn't have anything naughty. However, I didn't drink my 8 glasses of water (only 4) and only had one piece of fruit (banana with my porridge) and basically no vegetables. I had a few nuts to nibble on in the afternoon. Normally I could devour a packet (yes, a whole packet!) of savoury or cheddar shapes over the afternoon or have about 2 dozen Jatz crackers with cheddar cheese on them. That is just called over eating and eating for the sake of eating.
So I am pleased with how it's going and I do hope I have lost something on Monday morning when I weigh in.
Annette's Quote for the day - Don't let anyone steal your dreams.
Cheers - Joolz

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  1. You are doing well, the cold weather doesn't help at all with eating fruit and salad. Won't be long and spring will be here:0)
    Good luck with your weigh in in the morning, i know you will do well.


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