Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chalk and Cheese...

Caroline asked - what is it with kids and tomato sauce? Well I have two cherubs and one goes through a bottle a week and the other one will not have sauce on anything! They are like chalk and cheese, oil and water, night and day, black and white....
The blonde likes LOTS of tomato sauce and for as long as I can remember, has smothered any poor thing that I have cooked with it (very nearly icecream!), peas, broccoli, gravy covering everything, baked beans, milk chocolate in, on or around anything, spag bol, lasagne, schnitzels parmie, tacos, enchiladas, plain cheese/tomato/bacon pizza, basically anything snacky. Will steer clear of vegetables if she can (don't tell her I grate carrot and zucchini into anything that I can). Dislikes eggs, fresh tomato (go figure), green beans, stirfries, peanut butter, therefore satay and casseroles where "everything tastes the same".
The brunette likes green beans (3 per serve only), cucumber & raw capsicum, tossed salad, stirfries, dark chocolate in, on or around anything, eggs, spag bol, lasagne, schnitzel with dianne sauce, tacos, enchiladas, satay flavour, exotic gourmet pizzas, basically anything snacky. Will steer clear of vegetables if she can (ok, so she wised up to me grating carrot and zucchini into anything I can, but she does eat it). Dislikes baked beans, peas, gravy over everything, prefers it in a blob on the side, prefers if her foods don't touch each other on the plate. Oh, for the love of.....
Love you my babies,
Cuisinely challenged,
Joolz =)


  1. Lol! I only have one of eight who will eat fresh tomato! I can't work it out either!

  2. My niece used to be a bit "thingy" about different sorts of foods, when she left home and was cooking for herself she started experimenting and now eats most foods. Have to say I prefer that my gravy is separate to the food.

  3. I have a nephew that absolutely refuses to eat anything green.
    Green beans, peas, bell peppers, pistachio pudding or ice cream...
    We thought it was just while he was little, but he's the same way at 18!

    Isn't it amazing how you can raise kids exactly the same, and they turn out so differently - with such different "likes and dislikes"!!

    I'll pour gravy over just about anything - yet I complain that my Old Guy doctors everything with ketchup! ;-)

  4. Wouldn't things be boring (or very easy LOL) if we were all the same!!

  5. I'm a twin and we are nothing alike. She's blonde I'm brunette, she's tall I'm short, she used to be trendy I was frilly dilly. Same with your girls and food too.
    My kids are so different too.
    Great photos and good luck with that driving.
    They are thinking of the making the kids have their L's for two years. AGGGGGG



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