Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lasagne to go....

Ah, it's good to have my B15 back home again. She had a weekend in Melbourne with her BF M14. They are like peas in a pod as far as temperament and humour go. They had a great time and she was full of stories when she got home. Here is M14, B15 with K18 at her Grad.
K18 is coming home next weekend to attend an 18th Birthday for a mate so I thought I would make her some mini lasagnes to take back frozen. They will be an easy meal that she can throw in the oven after a hard day at Uni.
My normal lasagne ingredients made 5 small ones. Saucy layers with creamy bechamel sauce and cheese. Yum!
I promised I'd make some Sookie St. James Choc Chip Cookies too (remember Sookie from Gilmore Girls?).
I'll post that recipe when I make them later in the week.
K18's first day at Uni so I hope she caught her bus and got there on time and has a good day.
Happy Tuesday - Cheers from Joolz


  1. Mmmmmm ! I'm looking forward to Sookie's cookies too! I LOVED that girl... ;-)

  2. I looooove the Gilmore Girls! (Still watch em on dvd) I can't wait for a Sookie recipe! (I was thrilled to hear your lasagne was headed to Adelaide. Sad that they're destined for Nth Adelaide!)



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