Thursday, January 18, 2018

Setting up the Vegepod...and a lovely gift in the mail...

(web pic of Vegepod)
Sunday, 14th January - Gus assembled the Vegepod for me.  I think it took around 3 hours all up.  There was a bit of swearing and skun knuckles but otherwise it went smoothly.
Once he’d finished, I filled it with bags of potting mix and cow manure...
...then I planted (from back row) green peas, Lebanese cucumbers, beetroot and in the front, strawberries.
It has it’s own spray watering system.  Simply connect to hose and water for about 10 minutes each day.
I put it out in the sun then wheel it in under the pergola each night, as we have auto sprinklers that come on early each morning.  Please disregard all the dandelion weeds in our lawn! 
These are the bags of soil I used...
With this hot spell of weather, I have left it in the shade today as it’s meznt to reach 43C today. Eek!
More flowers on my rose, but no more shoots yet for more buds yet...
Yesterday, I received this box in the mail from Annabel at The Bluebirds are nesting ...
She very kindly sent me some succulents to plant out from her collection.  Also included was a nice card, some magazine pages showing ways to make succulent wreaths and some parsley seeds too!  Thank you, Annabel! :)
I also moved my succs into the shade for today.  I know they like warm temps but I’d hate to lose them.  How berserk has the chamber pot on the right gone?
Hmmm, this is what we face today.  Hot again tomorrow before cooling off a bit on Saturday.  I hate this hot weather.  I think it’ll be a Woolies chook for dinner tonight!

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. Wow so hot, Joolz. I think the Vegepods looks great. I first heard of them a few years ago. That was nice of Annabel to send you the succulents. She is a real sweetie, isn't she? We are waiting for a hot weekend but it will ONLY be 34C which is still fairly hot without aircon. I might go and visit a shopping centre in the afternoons.

  2. I LOVE your Vegepod! Would love to have one, and look forward to seeing reports through your growing season. What a fun package to receive! Your succulents are doing amazing.

  3. Seems like the Summer heat is really kicking in now. I hate the heat too, mostly because it keeps me inside when I'd rather be outside!! We are expecting 33C here over the weekend but 43C is even more horrid. Stay cool! Your veggie pod looks great, hope you get lots of homegrown veg goodness from it. Meg:)

  4. So thoughtful of Annabel to send you some of her succulents. Yours are looking great Joolz!

    Finally after all this time you are growing veggies. I love the look of those Vegepods. Will definitely need to be kept in the shade in this heat. We are 45C again today, some of my plants are suffering and getting a bit crisp. I checked the weather for the next week and there is not much relief for us up this way. Its days like these when I wonder why I bother with a veggie garden lol!

    Take care and enjoy your gifts,



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