Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Where did that week go?...

I found this little dude in Target... $10 ... I couldn't just leave him there, could I?

I've promised Brianna I'll cook her a big cookie at Christmas time...

Now, Thursday was something else!  Tuesday it was warm, Wednesday it was 35C and muggy and Thursday it was ... 12C!!! It blew a gale and rained all day and it was freezing!  I do not know what is going on with our spring weather!

Chow mien to warm the cockles....

Santa admiring my blue jug and Bonica roses...

Waiting, waiting...I had to get a car wheel aligned in MtG so to kill time I visited Spotlight -yay! 50% off all Christmas fabric and notions.  I had lunch at a new to me place - Little Saigon.  Lots of lovely food in the cabinets so I'll be going back there.  It's hard to get a park in the main street when you want to get lunch so this place will be great.  Very good coffee and the ham and cheese sambo was delish too!

Friday morning, we had this mist...

I spied this saucer for sale on the Blue & White Obsession Australia Buy Sell Drool site.  I have a matching mug so it became mine!
Trialing sourdough again...

I bought this very nice loaf pan - it will be handy for break baking, potato bakes, pasta dishes...


These succulents are a bit of an obsession of mine...the display keep growing!  I buy one succulent and plant out the free babies...

I couldn't pass up this lovely bowl...

We're heading overseas next year and I am thinking something like these boots will be good for walking (not hiking)...

My Soul Sister rose...
Standard Bonica

Garden at our local Bowling Club...

Walking through our parklands this morning.  Green grass everywhere!
Cutting through the skate park.  We walked 3.33kms today and 3.28kms yesterday...The mornings are warm and I am a ball of sweat when I get home!

I made a batch of natural yoghurt this morning...

It'll be ready tonight...
What have you been up to?

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. That huge cookie will be so good.
    I hope you have success with your sourdough. I've booked a workshop in January and really looking forward to that.
    Love your Santa too. Looks like a little Cousin Itt Santa.

  2. Hi Joolz
    Please ensure you invest in those shoes or something similar if your trip OS involves extended walking.

    After five weeks in the UK in August/September with lots and lots of walking in joggers, I developed a case of plantar faciitis which is still being treated by my Physio.

    I am fairly active but have flat feet which need arch support, my Physio told me to get good walking shoes before I left, but no, I stuck with joggers which apparently offer very little to no support for extended walking.

    1. Yes, that’s why I want a sturdy jogger style with plenty of arch support. I have had plantar faciitis in the past and don’t want a repeat. We are not big into walking and trekking but Scotland has some beautiful countryside that I’d like to access if I can. I’ll be trying on some different styles before deciding what’s best. Thanks for your advice. :)

    2. Never had it before and so painful.

      Are you going to anywhere else in the UK or just Scotland

      We drove around England for 3.5 weeks and then went to Scotland for a week to see family and attend my cousin’s wedding

    3. We’re off to Greece for 10 days after Scotland!

  3. Hmmm...what have I been up to? Not nearly as much as you! Love the new header photo...gorgeous roses in blue and white. :)

  4. what spring? it's been cold, wet & windy here too! very unusual for november here
    thanx for sharing

  5. Joolz, did your sourdough starter work out okay? I have two loaves rising overnight at the moment. We had a heatwave about a month or so ago and since then it has gone back to cooler weather. Quite strange I must say.


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