Thursday, August 24, 2017

Beautiful Bermuda Pt 5 ...

We got the resort to pack us a picnic lunch today - we are off in a little boat to explore the island and find a beach to have lunch on.

This is a failed resort venture - there were 50+ of these little bungalows - all are derelict - having been battered by the weather.  Broken windows and ripped awnings.

Now that looks like a good spot for lunch!  Perfect!

Our little boat...

Nice picnic lunch, spent sitting under a palm tree!

Time for a swim - the water is warm like bath water.

Time to head back around to the marina on the other side of the resort.

Daniel's Island...

Our last day in this paradise.  Tomorrow we head off to Santa Monica via Miami...


  1. I want one of those cottages over the water! Stunning colour of the water!

  2. Oh, Joolz, all of those photos look just beautiful, what a gorgeous spot. There are some photos that you should enlarge and put on the wall, truly beautiful, you must have a great camera and an eye for beauty! Hope you are feeling better.


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