Monday, March 20, 2017

Productive weekend...

After completing that fabric bag on Saturday, I had plans to knock up another smaller one to house our green floor matting which is always dirty when we pack up. Gus loved the other one.
I fired up my poor Sally sourdough starter and this took all day Sunday to get her bubbling.
I left her overnight and by Sunday morning she was lovely and bubbly!
I mixed up a dough and left it to sit. I wasn't sure how long it would take to rise. This was taken at 8am.
I hadn't bought any bread for the weekend so I made a batch of scones for breakfast. Cheese and herb with a touch of cayenne pepper.
I gave the bread dough a flip and turn at 10.30am then left it to keep rising.
I had a phone call just then to invite me to a market day with some girlfriends and to meet there at noon. Why not? So I quickly peeled and got the quinces I'd been given, on to boil.  That other fabric bag will have to wait!
Cooked until tender, I then drained them and pureed them in my food processor.  I got 7 cups to which I added 6 cups of sugar.  Sssshh!
Then I popped it in my slow cooker bowl, covered it and let it cool. No time to cook it now, I'll do it later when I get home.
We had a lovely lunch at a local cafe and a wander around the stalls. I bought some lovely local honey and some plum and pear paste and some little cherry tomatoes.
When I got home, the sourdough was up to the top of the bowl so I divided the dough and made 10 rolls...
...and this great loaf. I was well pleased with that!
I got the quince paste on at 4pm and although it's quite labour intensive, stirring every 15-30 minutes, it came together and I had it finished by 10pm. Being in the slow cooker, you don't have to be standing over it all the time.
Once cooked, I popped it in these little containers and it should now keep un-refrigerated quite okay, in a cool, dark place.  I'll be giving most of it away.
I keep dead heading my roses and they keep producing more buds. I'm loving my Soul Sister rose.  My other standards are likely to give another flush also.  Well, that's my weekend, was yours as busy?
Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. Drooling over your baked goods as I don't have a stove yet and I haven't been bold enough to try scones/breads in the plug in cookers as I'm still trying to cook roast meats and vegetables, to my standards, in them. I need to give my roses a trim too.

  2. A great day..... All looks so tasty.....

  3. I love quince paste, I love the way the colour changes when the fruit is cooked. Divine with cheese! Your scones look lovely too. I sometimes make a cheese and chive scone to go with soup in winter. Makes a nice change to bread. Meg:)


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