Friday, March 10, 2017

Early to rise...

I like getting up early but I rarely go outside at sunrise to see it...

It certainly was a picture this morning!

It kept getting brighter and brighter!

I made another oat and chia pudding for my breakfast - very yummy, but I will have a change tomorrow morning.

Maybe some tomatoes on toast. That big one was grown by my bro-in-law!
We've had lovely summer weather this week, sneaking up to around 30C but cooling off at night. I can handle that!
Hopefully, we are off on a camping adventure this weekend. What are your plans?

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. Those sky colours are gorgeous and well worth getting up early to see:) We went up to Noosa last Sunday, so our plans are to stay close to home today. I'm planning on some gardening and a trip to my local library. My kind of wonderful! Meg:)

  2. A toasted tomato, basil and cheese sandwich please Joolz :-)

  3. Those tomatoes look absolutely amazing!! Their vibrant colour comes through even over the internet, I'm jealous as I just don't seem to be able to grow tomatoes at all!


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