Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter in Sydney Pt 2 ...


Chocolate! Yum!

For a long time now, I've always given my two girls new pyjamas - this year I hid chickens in the pockets!

Sunday afternoon we went to the Lyric Theatre at Darling Harbour to see Strictly Ballroom. It was a very good show and the costumes were amazing!

For dinner, after the show, we sort of decided on Kamikaze Teppanyaki in the Darling Harbour complex, but they couldn't seat us so we moved on and found Zaaffran, an Indian restaurant. Lots people of Indian decent dining can't be wrong so we chose that. We only wanted a light dinner so shared 2 entrees and 2 mains among the four of us. Above, Sarson de Jheengay - King prawns tandoor grilled with a creamy seeded mustard marinade, beetroot and coriander dipping sauces...


Aloo Tikki Chaat

Crisp spiced mini potato patties laced with yoghurt, date-tamarind and mint toppings



Nizami Karahi Murgh

Chicken simmered in a cardamom-bay leaf flavoured gravy... We also had raita and saffron basmati rice...seriously yummy!


Bhoona Masaley lamb tandoor cutlets ...

Well worth a visit!


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  1. We were in Sydney last June to see Jesus Christ Superstar and couldn't believe how many people were in Darling Harbour looking for somewhere to eat. We eventually got into an Italian restaurant that was very nice but we did cut it a bit fine to get to the show. My daughter suggested we go to Strictly Ballroom when I take her and a friend to Katy Perry in November. Just put it on the long list of things they want to fit in to the weekend.

    I have been thinking of you every afternoon because we have had Corellas passing over us. All I can say is thankfully they were passing and not stopping around here. I don't think I could handle them early in the morning like you had. You can here them coming with the racket they make.


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