Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fantastic Miracle Spray ...

My friend Karen gave me a recipe for an all purpose kitchen/bathroom/household spray so I made up a batch of it today and have been cleaning madly ever since!
You can find the recipe and so many other tips and hints at The Cheapskates Club  - its highlighted in the "How to" section... click on it and it gives you a PDF so you can print it out.  
1.5 litres water (1 cup of this boiled)
300 mls white vinegar
60 mls dish washing liquid (your favourite)
25 mls eucalyptus oil
3 dessertspoons washing soda (Lectric soda)
Mix washing soda with a cup of boiling water to dissolve, add remaining ingredients, pour into spray bottles or store in a 2 litre bottle.
Of course, it always pays to test in an inconspicuous spot - I'd hate for it to peel the paint off your walls or mark your bench tops.
I went about cleaning this morning - toilet/seats, window sills, shower screen (fantastic), sink, benches - my hands stayed nice and soft unlike if I use Spray n Wipe and my jewellery was sparkling at the end!  Tomorrow I am cleaning marks of my walls.
Cheers - Joolz xx

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