Monday, July 27, 2009

Chocolate Icecream Sandwich Oreo Smoosh Cake...

Okay, so I love these guys enough to make an awesome dessert for afters tonight. I've been on the go since I took Bri to the orthodontist at 8am to have her braces off - note that gleaming, straight toothed smile - picked her up at 9.55am, forgot my Bowen Therapy massage appointment at 10am, lunched with the girls (Heather - Happy Birthday! , Helen, Chloe & Carmel) at 12noon, back to work until 5pm, grocery shopping and home at 5.30pm.
I can't remember which blog I saw this dessert on so apologies for that and I made up the name (it was C at Stick Horse Cowgirls - thanks C) . All you need is a packet of Oreo cookies (smashed to smithereens in a plastic bag with a meat mallet), vanilla icecream of your choice (thawed to spreading consistency), 2 boxes x 4 icecream sandwiches (8) and whipped cream (mine was ashamedly in a can).
These are the icecream sandwiches. Choose a container to fit a layer of the sandwiches in the bottom, spread with gooey icecream, sprinkle with Oreo's, spray/spread with whipped cream then repeat with the sandwiches, icecream, Oreo's then a final layer of icecream. Cover and refreeze.
The finished product, popped into the freezer to harden up. We don't have any strawberries tonight but that would be good to serve with them, or raspberry topping or whatever takes your fancy. I think any teenager would like this as a birthday cake/dessert for sleepover etc.
Cut slices and serve. Enjoy...a lot!
Cheers - Joolz


  1. Whoa that could acount for a full day's worth of calories. Sad to say (for me anyway) a teenager can burn that off in no time and go back for more!
    Looks yummy Joolz..what a great mom you are!

    blessings and hugs,


  2. Oh yum!!! I will be trying this one,thanks Joolz :0)

  3. I wrote about this very dessert end of easy and SOOOOOO delicious. thanks for leaving a comment so I could find you! I'll be back--love looking into your life! C


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