Saturday, December 6, 2008


3 Loads of washing done, dried and folded....tick! (one load pictured)

Christmas tree put up and decorated... tick! Will take a photo later when it gets dark so you get the best effect. I love all of my glitzy decorations. Most were bought for 1/2 price after I spied them at the local garden centre a few years ago. I add a few new ones each year.

Home alone tonight with 'A' (is that an oxymoron? - I can't be alone if he's there too!). He is cooking Plum & Ginger Chicken with noodles. Good man. K18 is heading out and B15 is in Mt G with M14, her best friend. We'll pick her up tomorrow when we go to the pictures. High School Musical 3 plays at the same time as Australia so that works well.

I've achieved some of what was on the list - must get those presents sorted tomorrow!

Cheers - Joolz :P <3


  1. Sounds good Joolz. Similiar day here but we only advanced a little bit, but pleased all the same.

  2. Joolz, ur CHRISTmas tree is simply lovely. I love the photo at night when it was all lit up. Beautiful.
    Love & Prayers,

  3. Your Christmas tree looks lovely Joolz. You achieved more than I did today. I sat watching movies and knitting dishcloths for Christmas presents.


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