Saturday, November 29, 2008

18 years ago today...

Today is Kirby's 18th Birthday. Happy Birthday, Kirbz!

18 years ago, I endured a 12 hour labour, but failed to progress so I had an emergency caesarian section and was delivered of a healthy baby girl, weighing 3.64 kgs (8lb 1/3oz). We named her Kirby Elizabeth Rose.

She has been a delight as a child and has grown into a beautiful young woman - an adult! I don't even have any grey hairs yet! We wish her a long and happy life and everything bright for the future.

All our love to you,

Mum, Dad & Brianna



  1. Happy 18th Birthday to Kirby. Her whole life is waiting to be lived.

    Time flies by very quickly. I remember when I was 18, I had a baby of my own already. Now tomorrow I turn 46 and I really don't know where that time has gone.

  2. Happy 18th Birthday (one day late) to your beautiful "baby" girl! Do they ever really grow up in our eyes? And congratulations, too, on her recent graduation. What a blessed & happy time for your family!

    Love from Minnesota,



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