Sunday, March 26, 2017

My random strip quilt...

Way back in April, 2014, I started a strip quilt, with inspiration from this Alicia Paulson. My blog post is here...
Anyway, I dragged out the box it was all in today and laid out the 6 strips I did way back then...
I made another 5 strips in relatively no time! The worst was sitting and laying out the fabric strips then cutting them to size so they randomly form a brickwork pattern - ish!
After that, I packed it up as my back became sore from getting up and down from the floor and leaning over. I don't want to undo my Bowen therapy session I had this week!
I'm pleased with how it's coming along!
Alicia has the most delicious quilt pattern for sale over on her blog - I may just have to buy the pdf pattern and buy my own florals! Better get this UFO finished first! (I did buy it for just under $10

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. Omg the girl sews ........ Liking what I see......

  2. I just read your initial post when you started this quilt in 2014 and you said you were a novice. I looked at it and thought 'wow, you are doing so well.'

    It would be frustrating when your body aches and you need to stop. Bit by bit it will come together. I look forward to watching it progress.

  3. Nice! What's the plan for it once finished?

  4. I like the strips! Great work!

  5. Looking gorgeous. I'm impressed.

  6. wow looking good!
    would love to see it progress too
    thanx for sharing

  7. I think all the fabrics you've chosen look lovely together. It's going to be gorgeous! Meg:)


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