Saturday, March 18, 2017

Camping gear bag...

We pack a lot of stuff in the back of our Defender and I hate it when things get marked and scratched, especially if we pack up in the wet and things are also dirty or muddy.

I recently bought four of these mats that interlock together. If it's been raining and you have a puddle at your doorstep, you put one (or more) of these babies down and you will have a dry entrance and won't track mud into your camper or caravan.

When we used these last weekend in our shower tent, they were brilliant for that too. Water just runs away underneath them, unlike the rubber foamy type mats that seem to trap the water underneath.
I needed something to store them in as I could see that using a black garbag each time would be costly and bad for the environment. I bought some medium weight denim fabric, for durability and just made a flat bag the same size as the garbag. I was going to put in a draw string but it just folds over at the top.

Here's the finished bag with the four mats inside, ready to throw back in Ruby. They won't rub against anything and if they're muddy, I can just give the bag a wash when we get back and we won't be wasting plastic bags. Win, win!
I'm pretty pleased with myself!

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. I wants one! Looks pretty achievable even for me - I'll give it a shot me thinks.

  2. Well done. All secured in the same place and tidy now :).

  3. wow & very clever thinking!
    great job on the bag!
    thanx for sharing


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