Thursday, March 30, 2017

Autumn has arrived...

The days are definitely cooler now. My standard roses are giving a final flush.

We did a quick trip to Adelaide on Tuesday so Gus could deliver 3 vehicles then back Wednesday. I made choc chip cookie bars for my girls.
I've been given some more tomatoes from my bro-in-law so I made a little tomato and zucchini bake for dinner last night. Then I chopped up all the rest and zip lock bagged them (sucking out the air with a drink straw). These will go into the freezer to make future bakes or be thrown into soup or a stew. I love the taste of fresh grown tomatoes - hot house grown ones just don't compare.

The picture of the splayed out chicken was from dinner Sunday night - Thai marinated a la Gus! It was delicious!

As I said, it's getting cooler now and it's definitely time for Daylight Saving to finish. I love snugging in when the weather gets cold. We had some really heavy rain last night, so loud on our roof that I couldn't hear the TV! Poor Queensland is copping a beating, first with cyclone Debbie and now torrential rain which has historically closed schools across the SE of state due to safety concerns. Unheard of!

I hope the weather is better for the weekend as we are off to the footy!

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. Your roses look lovel! Today, now that all the rain is gone, it's fine and windy. A touch cooler than the hot and humid weather we've been having. Perhaps, with the passing of the rain depression left over from Cyclone Debbie, Autumn may finally come along. Meg:)

  2. Love the tomatoes and all the work you did with these! And you were in Adelaide! It is so warm today! I am off to check out our new local Aldi. This is very exciting, a game changer for us I think.
    Thank you very much for having Bluebirds on your side bar, I got quite a lot of traffic from this. I really appreciate it. With love


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