Monday, February 20, 2017

Homemade ice cream

Woohoo! I found my ice cream attachment that I had misplaced! It had been put away in our spareroom cupboard...who would have put it there?

Thirty minutes after putting the chilled custard mix in, I had whipped, fluffy ice cream.

To go with the icecream, I stewed some blueberries with a little sugar and rice malt syrup.

Gus invited his mum out for dinner. We had roast pork and veggies and a peach/apple chutney that he also made. Delicious!

Ice cream sundaes. A perfect end to the meal.

It's been a great weekend here, nice and cool. Gus got a lot of mowing done so the house block looks nice and neat. We don't have our two sheep to keep the grass down any more so it has to be mown every few months.

Did you get any jobs done on the weekend?

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. YUM! The sundaes are beautiful to look at. Can you tell me what the item is in the photo of looks deep fried...kind of 'C' shaped...if the photo was the face of a clock it is about at the 8 position. It all is making my stomach growl!

    1. Hehe! That would be the lone bit of crackling that didn't burn when Angus left it unattended in a high heat BBQ! I did warn him! :(

    2. :) Love crackling.

      My ice cream maker has been packed away for ages, but I pulled it out awhile back and put the bowl part in the freezer, so I will make something soon.

  2. That meal looks delicious! We make homemade ice-cream here all the time as it's so much healthier than the stuff you get at the supermarket. I make ours in the Thermomix and have been able to reduce the sugar content of it considerably. At the moment, my young son is learning to cook and he, along with his Dad, made a salted caramel version the other day. Meg:)

    1. Hi Meg,
      I could cut back the sugar in this recipe too. I used full cream milk and cream but was wondering how it would go if I used skim milk. Would it be icy, I wonder? This was a treat considering the fat content!


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