Monday, January 16, 2017

Lazy weekend ...

Tha band of wet weather came through giving us some lovely rain but the storm was nowhere near as severe as they first thought. We missed a lot of it as it headed east before it got down our way.

I had a weekend all to myself and apart from going to Mt G on Saturday morning, I holed up and didn't move for the rest of the weekend. I did a few chores but mostly mooched around in my trackies and answered to no one! Heaven!

My Poldark DVDs arrived on Friday so I got through the 8 episodes in S1 over the weekend. Oh, Mr Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) is scrummy to watch!

Hubba hubba!

I went on a shopping jaunt on Saturday morning. I found this Gilmore Girls boxed set (7 seasons) in Sanity and it was $99 with 30% off so $70 - Bargain! We bought the series as it came out on TV years ago and Kirby is a GG officianado - she can quote from any episode! GG went to Adelaide when the girls moved up there so now I have a set for home. I watched 2 eps last night.

I made Chicken Penne Pasta on Friday night for Gus and I...

There were leftovers and Gus was heading away for the weekend so it kept me fed for two more meals...

I also made Chow Mein on Saturday. I love this stuff and only make it when I'm home alone as no one else likes it. Who doesn't love cabbage??

I made these scrummy cookies yesterday. Very easy and these can be shaped then frozen then baked when needed. Great if you are expecting visitors - homebaking without the mess!

My sister visited Sunday afternoon so we caught up and had a few wines...

I've been eating lots of yummy fruit salad too! Apple, orange, black plum, mango, banana and kiwi fruit...

I also bought the DVD of Brides of Christ, which is classic Australian TV drama. There are 6 parts and I got two watched.

Back to the grind today with the weather hotting up midweek.

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. I love fried cabbage in butter. Make sure it caramelises. Serve with salt and pepper - Yummo. I too am a lone wolf in the family when it come sto loving cabbage.

    1. I have bad memories of cabbage stinking up our house when Mum used to steam it - caramelised and fried with butter sounds so much better!

  2. I love Poldark! Cant wait for the next season to start.

    I love weekends or days like this. Just me to do as I wish = heaven :)

    Surprisingly my son likes chow mein. He does smother it in tomato sauce and I don't tell him there is cabbage in it. He also likes coleslaw and I don't think he realises what is in it lol!


    1. Have you made Wendy's Creamy pasta salad - just like coleslaw without the cabbage. Gus likes that one.

  3. I recently re-watched Brides of Christ after spotting in the library - a great show. Did you get the GG DVDs in the Mount? I may need to make a little trip! I also have Poldark on my library list - cannot wait until it arrives.
    Sounds like a lovely weekend to me.

    1. Yes, I did Jayne, from Sanity. They had one boxed set left! :)

    2. May have to check Warrnambool instead then!

    3. I meant, one left after I'd bought mine. Give them a call, you might be lucky.


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