Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cheddar and garlic drop buns...

Marie from The English Kitchen had this yummy recipe on her blog so I just had to try them.
Delicious with soup!
Have you heard of this cough mixture? Seems half of my Facebook friends have, judging by comments received.  Many had fond memories of being made to drink this foul stuff by their mothers.  All said it does work so I am willing to try anything to rid me of this cough.
Its been 4 weeks now - I feel well but I still have the persistent cough.  When I was at work yesterday, I was cough, cough, coughing.  Gus was doing paperwork with a lady I know. She came around to my office and said "You need Senega & Ammonia - get some from the chemist.  We give it to the oldies at the nursing home.  Only thing that works!  Vile stuff but it does work!".
I'll let you know when the bottles gone - it tastes something like a bucket of water you've just washed the floors with!



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