Saturday, March 7, 2015

Headachey Saturday...

I only get the odd headache and usually they are the self inflicted kind or every few months I get a 'monthly' headache but I had a doozy last night. Kirby arrived home about 7pm and we had a few wines then we were all off to bed by about 10.30pm, so not a big night. I felt like I had a headache coming on so I took some Nurafen, plugged in my hypnotherapy app and went off to sleep.

I awoke at 1am with a splitter of a headache so I took 2 Panadol and had a big glass of water and tried to go back to sleep. I tossed and turned all night. Got up and put a wet flannel on my forehead and eyes. Still so intense, pounding and throbbing in my forehead then sometimes the back of my head. At 4am, I took some Aspirin. Back to bed, toss, turn, toss, turn until 7am when I took some more Panadol. Nothing relieved the pain.

We were meant to be going to the movies this morning but by 8.30 when I got up, I canned the idea. Looking at a big screen was not an option. I had a cup of tea and some toast and by 10.30 the pain had finally dulled. I went to the chemist and got some Paracetamol/codeine capsules. I took 2 and felt quite good.

Kirby asked if I'd make some mini quiches for lunch and I also wanted to make something to take to see my two sisters at their on-site holiday vans in Beachport.

So I got stuck into making 4 dozen quiches ...

Yummy little morsels. Two dozen will go back with Kirby so Bri can have some...

I had frozen this cookie dough a few weeks back so I thawed it out...

... rolled it into balls...

... and voila, instant peanut butter cookies! Such a good thing to have in the freezer!

Next up, Pumpkin and Date Scones...

These turned out really well, but next time I need to cool the pumpkin down more. I used Jap pumpkin and steamed it and it mashed down really nicely.
Here's the recipe. I use baking paper on my trays i stead of greasing and flouring. A lot less mess!

Do you wrap your scones in a clean tea towel when they come out of the oven? That's what my Mum taught me. It makes them softer.

Let them cool before serving them buttered with a cup if tea.

That's how we enjoyed them, sitting in the sunshine down at Beachport.

My head is still a bit fuzzy but thankfully the pain is all gone.

Does anyone have any natural remedies for headaches. I am drinking plenty of water.

Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. From what I can find online, Panadol and Paracetamol would be equivalent to Tylenol in the US. Tylenol does absolutely nothing for my headaches, though I would think the codeine added in would help. I usually take Advil gel caps (online says Australia has Advil brand name), as Advil does seem to help me and the gel caps seem to work faster. Unfortunately, I'm not supposed to take any aspirin or Advil type products as I'm on blood thinners. I occasionally break down and take Advil anyway, but probably not more than 3 or 4 times a year. I've heard people suggest drinking a sports drink like Gatorade. I assume that is to help with dehydration though, so if you're drinking plenty of water that probably wouldn't make a difference.

    1. The pharmacist advised me (and sort of told me off!) to never take aspirin on an empty stomach - oops! At 4am, I want thinking of a meal before taking the meds!
      Gatorade actually sounds appealing. We have a fizzy drink called Lucozade which has electrolytes in it. Might have made me feel a bit better. Its 10pm now and my head still feels a bit off so I'm off to lala land for hopefully a nice restful sleep. Xx

  2. Forgot to say I hope the headache's gone for good!

  3. Hi Joolz, a yummy post indeed, but first I have to say that was a blinder of a headache you had. Wish I knew some natural remedies but nothing seems to be as good as what you ended up having! Although, for light ones,I find a strong cup of coffee seems to shift them, but whether that would qualify as natural.. not sure lol :D)
    I reckon you did amazingly welll cooking everything so soon after that. Love the quiches! Yes, I too wrap scones in a tea towel, keeps them warmer longer and fluffy inside... just like my Mum does too :D)
    Keep well and may those headaches stay away!

    1. I googled migraine v headaches and yes, coffee was suggested so I did have a good strong one this morning. Probably silly of me to do all that baking instead of resting but I love to cook if there's someone to eat the food. The scones and buscuits were enjoyed for afternoon tea.

  4. I get those monthly headaches also. I cannot take codeine either kills my stomach. I am an Advil Gel Cap type of girl also they help a lot.

    You did well to do all that baking when you weren't feeling 100%. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    1. Thanks, Gill. Its Sunday morning here and I had a much better nights sleep and the headache is gone.

  5. Sorry to hear you had such a bad headache Joolz. I get them every now and then - all different types. Depending on the headache, I use cold face washers and hot face washers. If it's a sinus headache ( really bad ) I use eucalyptus oil on a tissue to clear my head. Lavender oil can work too. Breathing in fresh air. PRAYING !!! Cleaning my shower with Miracle Spray.

    I love homemade mini quiches. I made some for a baby shower I helped cater for and they were very well received. I even had guests coming into the ktchen and asking when the next batch were coming out of the oven..

  6. Hi Joolz hope are feeling better now. Don't forget that headaches can be related to high BP. Do you have a gadget to monitor your blood pressure at home? cheers Wendy


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