Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Savoury chicken parcels...

I love making these parcels with either chicken or steak...


begin with a large piece of foil then kitchen paper...place chicken breast onto the paper, top with your favourite ingredients... First up - french Onion soup, bacon, onion...

...then I used zucchini, cherry toms...

(You could do these using Thai (coriander, curry, chilli, coconut milk) or Italian (tomato, basil, garlic) flavours too - you choose!)

..then sprinkle with a little grated cheese...wrap the chicken up in the foil and paper...

Bake for about 1 hour in a 180C oven until cooked through and tender. Serve with a small baked potato and a green salad. Delish!
Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. What a great meal Joolz. Do you flatten out the chicken a bit first or just plonk it onto the paper?
    I tried your quiche boats the other week. They were great and now requested regularly. Always a good sign. Great to take for lunch the next day too. Thanks.
    cheers Wendy

    1. I didn't with these but you could flatten them a bit. - J xx

  2. Ooh yum, we've been watching the Aussie Masterchef here and someone made chicken parmas(parmigiana) they were similar to your chicken, although your's looks much nicer :D

  3. Love, love, love it Joolz. Just what I like, nice and easy and a little bit different and ticks all the boxes for our low-carb-ish way of eating. Thank you !! :D)

    1. It certainly livens up a boring old chicken breast! :)

  4. These look great Joolz. Thanks for the ideas.


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