Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Australia Day!


Wishing all Aussies a Happy Australia Day! We usually go to the beach for a lamb chop barbecue but this long weekend we have been moving our girls from a unit into a house. Its been a big job with lots more work to do today, Tuesday and Wednesday before we head home. Gus has been untiring in his efforts to shift furniture then make the new stuff.
I will take some pics of the finished product but we are still in minor chaos at the moment, building Ikea furniture pieces. Most annoying when one piece is missing from the box - we are waiting to head out to Ikea again this morning, to get the spare bit to Kirby's sideboard. Also when we were there yesterday, somehow we completely forgot to 'pick' the bedside tables we had chosen for our bedroom. We got all the way home then later realised that we just didnt get them or pay for them! Derr!
The girl's new over-the-road neighbour introduced himself to us. He's a lovely old Italian man named Mario and I reckon he's about 85. He welcomed us to the street with a big friendly smile, saying in his broken English how if the girls ever needed help or if he and his wife needed help, they could help each others because that's what neighbours do. He has lived in the street since 1966 in his very neat, brick and tile house. In a matter of minutes we learned that he had a wife who would be having a back operation next month, they have 3 daughters and they have 5 grand daughters and one grand son. He said the street has very nice, friendly people living here so that's nice to know.
Well, I'd better get into gear and go get that spare bit and see if I can get some lamb chops for Gus to barbecue for lunch.
Enjoy your day!
Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. Happy Australia Day to you to Joolz. It sounds like a busy one but I hope you have some time relaxing in between helping your girls.
    Anne xx

  2. Ah yes European flat packed furniture! Remember it well, dorve us nuts, we said we would never buy stuff like that again! Although we have since, just nothing major! Hope the move goes well, and Happy Aussie day to you :D

  3. Asi it turned out, we were looking at the wrong bit, thinking there should be two of them. The nice customer service guy set us straight. We had to return an unwanted unit (and found the one that fitted better) so it wasnt a wasted trip. We are still at it, some tempers and patience are frayed!

  4. Happy (belated) Australia Day. I bought a bag of Australian licorice in celebration. :)

    I hope to make an Ikea run next month for a couple of shelving units. We'll see.


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