Saturday, December 13, 2014

Northern-style Chicken Cacciatore...

This is a recipe from Beth at Babymac for a lovely, easy dish which cooks in the time it takes to roast some potatoes...

~ Beth explains, this is not a tomato based cacciatore, but more Northern style. The lemon and olives gives it a nice flavour pop!

First, get some potatoes roasting in the oven - just a little olive oil, salt and pepps on them... High heat to get them crispy!

Assemble the ingredients - I used speck as it's quite rich - bacon is fine too. Nice big green olives, use your favourites.

I happened to have a frozen cup of chardonnay which was leftover - now that rarely happens! Hang on, that NEVER usually happens!

I trim my chicken thighs - I hate all that fat.

So here is everything ready to go. Follow Beth's recipe, it such an easy dish. The only thing I did was sprinkle a tablespoon of plain flour near the end to gloss up and thicken the sauce.

No prizes for plating up and my beans were a bit over-zapped but no matter. Delicious dinner!

Enjoy - Cheers - Joolz xx


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  1. Oh gosh with all that fat trimming of the breast fillets at Chickenland, it's something I do automatically too. Not that it really mattered, because we pressure deep fried them anyway, back when it was Chickenland! Haha there is no way possible that I would be freezing Chardy either!


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