Monday, October 6, 2014

The festival of food...

So, this weekend has been a slight challenge for my diet! Kirby went to join three of her old shool friends for lunch so we decided to take Bri and Chloe over to Coonawarra for lunch...

We went to 'Fodder' and it was great! We had these tasting plates so what you see is what fed the four of us - just a taste.
Delicious hot, smokey garlic prawns ...
Tender pillows of gnocchi in sage butter...

Vietnamese pork belly...And we shared a thin and crispy woodfired pizza between us.



Passionfruit curd mille-feulle with raspberries shared by Gus and I - so very goood! The girls had jam filled tiny donuts with chantilly cream.

Then it was home to prepare the spit roaster for the lamb! (Burp!)

Kirby had requested slow cooked lamb yiros so thats what we did.

A big salad...
I made the flat breads and they were perfect. I bought the tabbouleh salad in the supermarket as I couldnt find burghul wheat anywhere. I also bought the hummus.
Gus cooked the lamb to perfection, so tender and juicy...

Time to tuck in! Oh, and we had gooey chocolate pudding for dessert (I had a tiny bowl)!

What a big day - those girls wear us out! I was in bed by 10.30pm.

Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. Hi Joolz It looks like your having a fabulous long weekend. I make tabbouleh with Quinoa. I'm a coeliac and it's GF. I just toast it first then it has a bit of a crunch.

  2. Thanks, Louise. That did cross my mind but the others wanted authentic! Its good that quinoa can be substituted with good results for you.


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