Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Salad, juice and jar salads ...

Oh, dear! Not so good on the scales today, back over 77kgs after the weekend! Still, onwards I go! Here's my lunch from yesterday, then the rest of the post is from last week (saved as a draft then I forgot to post it!).

(Added - just home from WW and a yoga session there. Weighed in at 77.10kg - loss of .40kg - I'll take it!)

I never thought I could go without bread for lunch but this filled me up and kept me full all afternoon!


Best part of the morning - glass of freshly juiced apple, orange, carrot, celery...

some strawberries in this batch...


My favourite, with beetroot...

It's gotta be good for you! I know there is natural sugar in it but no preservatives or imported concentrates...


The jugful this morning...


What do you pay for fruit and vegetables?

Celery $2.98/bunch

Tomatoes $4.48 (these are exxy but will last us a week and I just can't stand pale, insipid tomatoes)

Baby salad leaves $3.75

3 beetroot (4.98/kg) $2.95

Leb cucumbers ($9.98/kg) $4.02

Carrots 1kg $1.98

Avocado $3.68

Mango ($4.98 ea) $9.96

5 Apples ($4.98/kg) $3.63

2 x Skinless/boneless salmon in springwater ($2.61 ea) $5.22

Total $42.65


I've been looking at Jar Salads on the interwebs - a great on the go lunch that you can take to work and enjoy.

First I made a dressing of 1/2 of one mango cheek and 1/2 of a lebanese cucumber - whizz in a blender then marvel at the tangy taste! No fat!

Now layer the jar with salad leaves of your choice, carrot, diced mango...

... avocado, red onion, cherry toms - whatever you like!
This is a 200gm Moccona coffee jar with vacuum seal lid. Doesn't it look pretty?

Next, I added a can of pink salmon (in springwater, drained)...

I also shaved a bit of parmesan cheese on top too...

All ready to go - in this case to Gus for his lunch.

All he has to do is tip it out into the bowl and ... voila! Lunch in a jar! You could also top it with lean turkey or ham, tuna or fresh chopped chicken. Another dressing idea is avocado and cucumber whizzed together.

Put your personal spin on a jar salad and see how good they are!

Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. That lunch looks good Joolz but I'd have to skip the beans. They do horrible things to me. The salad in a jar looks fabulous too, such a great idea. We often just use Balsamic vinegar for our salad dressing, I like the richness of the flavour. I don't think I could manage the juicing. I was ill as a child and mum made me drink carrot juice which was horrible. The thought of juiced veges makes my stomach heave but I love cellery, carrot and beetroot raw so that will have to do. Good luck and thanks for sharing. I hope it's inspiring you to keep going.
    Anne xx

  2. The salad in a jar looks great. Your lunch looks healthy so all the best with getting rid of the extra kilos. It must be extra hard when you are such a good cook :-)

  3. The salad bottle is a great idea and looks yummy.

  4. I was interested in what you paid for those items. I always think comparing how long it tales veg to grow should be reflected in the price. Therefore I would say the salad greens were over priced and the avocado ( I am allowed to say that as we grow avos and don't get paid anywhere near even half of that so some of the middlemen are taking a big share!). The winner for me is almost always the carrots - so cheap and very versatile. Although apparently the "most sprayed crop, " celery, goes a long way if broken down washed , cut up and bagged and kept in the fridge..
    I think the key to salad like this is freshness and colour, but most importantly it must taste good!
    Happy eating!

  5. Love the idea of the salad jar Joolz, it looks great!

  6. Your salad is beautiful, such great variety. I think your produce prices are actually quite comparable to ours in the US. It was interesting to read them, thanks for sharing.


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