Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Less of me...

When we returned home from holidays I decided I needed to 'pull my belt in' bit, eat more thoughtfully and lose some weight...

I bought a new set of digital scales and last Wednesday I hopped on in the morning (bras and knickers) and weighed in at
77.60 kgs 24/9/14
Today, I weigh 77.10 kgs 29/9/14 - hey, it's a loss! Juicing and trying to have more veggies in there than fruit. This morning I used 5 medium carrots, 2 small beets, 2 oranges, 1 apple and 2 sticks celery. That was for two of us.
Lunch today - tuna, onion, celery, tomato, carrot, cheese - a big bowl full and it was so yummy!

Yoghurt baffles me! If its good for you (low fat and sugar) its disgusting to eat - if it tastes nice, its full of sugar. If its to die for, it ain't low fat and is overloaded in sugar!

This is what we are currently eating. The portion sizes are smaller at 100gms compared to most at 160gms, it is sweetened with sugar, not aspartame and it has cultures for gut health.

Chobani is another one we eat, a Greek yoghurt with fruit.


Dinner tonight (pardon the carbs!) is shaslicks, sweet corn, salad and a baked spud with light sour cream. I've been buying these shaslicks for quite a while and they have been yummy and tender but I was very disappointed in these ones. Huge big chunks of crap steak (sinewy and dry) that was so chewy and dry when pan fried. I actually disassembled them and cut the chunks smaller). The larger size drives the price up too. I may even go in and speak to the butcher - not to bawl him out, just to tell him he needs to review the meat he uses and portion size or no one will be buying them.

Would you complain or just not buy the product again?


Added: Well, I had great success when I spoke to the butcher, Jim (he packs the meat that our IGA Supermarket buys in as well as locally buying beef and lamb for our IGA). I just said how disappointed in the shaslicks I was as they are normally good and tasty. He said he doesn't make them, they come from an Adelaide company and he said he had had other products not being up to scratch lately too. I told him I didnt think he'd use inferior meat as he is a third generation local family butcher. He offered to refund my purchase but I said that wasn't necessary, then he gave me one pack for free any way. I'm sure he'll be onto the city supplier to make sure things are better in the future. Pleasing outcome! :)

Joolz xx




  1. Losing weight is SO much more doable when the weather is warmer and eating lighter foods with lots of salads and fruit seems much easier. Please let us know how you go with your plan. As for the shaslicks, I would talk to your butcher about the poor quality of your most recent purchase. If you don't tell him, he doesn't get important feedback to help him improve his standards. That is particularly important when his product had always been good. Give him an opportunity to lift his game and perhaps tell him how disappointing it was after the quality had always been so good. A little buttering up might soften the blow. If he/she is a good butcher they will appreciate the feedback.
    Anne xx

  2. Oh my goodness, I HAVE to follow your good get-healthy example...well, maybe not as far as posting my actual weight, but I'm definitely carrying around TOO much. Wish you much success!

  3. We call them Shishkebabs here. I need to lose weight too. Doggone it!
    xo KRis

  4. I hear ya Joolz!

    I have put on 7kg since getting married in May, which makes me so mad! I would be happy if I could stick around 65kg instead of 72 that I am now. It is of course all my fault, too many carbs especially bread, desserts etc and it is so hard to stay on track during winter when I eat more and exercise less. I have switched from a small dinner plate size to a side plate now, will see how that goes. I have also cut right down on meat, to the point I barely have any. Definitely let your butcher know you are not happy with the quality of meat, there are nice ways of doing it as Anne stated :)


    1. It was well worth speaking with him and I'm sure he'll sort it out.

  5. I dug out my summer clothes and then discovered they had all shrunk during winter :-) It is really heating up here in SE Qld with 30C forecast for tomorrow so thankfully it is much easier to stick to salads rather than the heavy foods of winter. Good luck with losing a few kilos. Being such a great cook I imagine it might be a tad difficult.

  6. Good on you for speaking up.
    I don't usually eat proteins and carbs(starches) in the same meal. I would have eaten non carby salads with this. Having said that, I need to jump on the scales. I need a wake up call. I have an obsession with dark chocolate at the moment :


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