Sunday, September 28, 2014

Gardener's Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub...

I found this great recipe for this hand scrub here ...

I had some coconut oil in the pantry (from memory is cost about $15 for the 300gm jar)...

Combine the zest and oil in a bowl...

Then mix in the sugar and essential oils ...

(I used eucalyptus and didn't have peppermint oil on hand)

Then add the detergent. I had to add a bit more sugar...

It had a gooey consistency...

It made these 3 jars - I tried a tablespoonful on my hands and gave them a good rub then rinsed off. Brilliant stuff!

Give it a go!

PS: Can you tell I'm happy to be back home in my kitchen?? Joolz xx

PPS: I think I will use Blogsy again for posting. I just did this complete post including writing out the recipe and then it bloody disappeared on me (not the first time that's happened!)


  1. That does sound like good stuff Joolz, I will definitely try it. Coconut oil can be found in the Chinese section at Woollies (ours anyway) for about $6 a jar and it is organic. It is dearer in the health section. :)

    1. Thanks for that tip Tania. I have been meaning to buy some for the longest time, I'll check there first!

  2. That sounds like a fantastic scrub. We have oodles of lemons so I must just give it a go.
    Anne xx

  3. That sounds wonderful. I find that I wash my hands almost constantly since I've had kids and they often feel very dry. I'm sure coconut oil would help a lot. Thanks for sharing.


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