Monday, August 4, 2014

The coldest week...


Temperatures plummeted in South Australia this week. We had lows during a few of the days like 7C. We've had wind and rain and hail like I've never seen before! All this calls for comfort food so a lasagne was made.

I just used a bottle of pasta sauce (Paul Newman's was on special, made a bechamel sauce and I use fresh pasta sheets. A very quick salad completes it.

Another cold night, my meal choice was Apricot Chicken. Are you a fan? Some people (like both my girls) hate it, but I love it. Its probably my favourite casserole to make.

I portioned a $7.50 free-range chicken so I had 2 legs, 2 wings, 2 thigh portions and the 2 breasts. I also threw in the neck piece. I love sucking on all the bones!

In a casserole dish, tip 1 can of apricot nectar, 1 packet of french onion soup, 1 carrot, sliced and a good big handful of dried apricots. Add 1/2 cup of water and stir all this to combine. Now, nestle in all the bits of chicken. Put the lid on and bake the first hour at 180C (stirring after 30 minutes) then drop the temp back to 160-170c for 2nd hour. It might be cooked after 1 and a half hours but it really falls off the bone at 2 hours. I serve it with green beans and fluffy mashed potatoes.

We had two meals from this .

We are about to choose some new furniture. We want to replace this pine box (full of kids board games) with a low line bookcase/dresser. I was looking on our local Buy, Swap and Sell site on Facebook and someone happened to ask if anyone had a big toybox for sale. I took a picture and listed it and sold it for $50! I paid about $100 for it 15 years ago! Anyway, its gone!

This is our TV corner unit. We want a low line one to replace it so we can put a bigger TV on it. Its a nice piece but because it restricts the TV size you can have, it probably wont sell. I want $150 for it.

Ooh, totally steering away from warming foods, I made this Crnchy Asian Slaw from Not Quite Nigella.

Gus cooked a piece of rump steak in the pan (too cold to stand out barbecueing!).

Tender steak served with this tangy slaw and dressing. Give it a go when the warmer weather hits. It deserves to be eaten outside on a sunny Sunday with a nice glass of wine!

On Saturday, I went out to lunch with 3 good friends for my birthday (it was the first time we could all get together). We went to the same cafe that I went to with my sisters. They have these amazing chicken, mushroom and champagne pies, served with a nice salad and homemade chutney. Lunch done for $15! We had a wine each too.

They know me too well - I absolutely love the blue and white plate stand and jug. I've promised them I will do a high tea party for them soon!

Saturday also marked 12 months since we went to the US! Twelve months!

New York...

San Francisco ...


Central Park...

Monterey, CA

Driving Route 66...s much fun!

And finally, we got tickets to see Grease in Adelaide in a few weeks time. That will be the next time I see my girls, can't wait.

Off to work now then this afternoon I am off for a massage and pedicure!

Cheers - Joolz xx




  1. You have definitely made me hungry now, looking at all that scrumptious food. Yummy!
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  2. Hi Joolz, did you happen to receive my email? Could you let me know via the email on my blog if you get time? I know that sometimes emails don't seem to go through okay. Thanks heaps.

  3. Hi Joolz, all that comfort food looks great. Perfect for the cold weather you have been having. We have had some bleak days, but not too bad. I think you are doing well to sell your furniture the way you are going. Have you tried Gumtree?
    I've been inspired by your Rick Stein food posts, have reserved it from library. I've just bought the Donna Hay New Classics and I'm itching to try a few from there too. We have all been struck down with flu and I haven't been cooking anything exciting at all lately.
    Can't believe that it's 12 mths since you visited the states either. We went in Feb. 2013, and thinking about another trip next year.......
    cheers Wendy

  4. You've had very cold weather in S.A, from the weather reports it's been horrendous. NSW is having lovely days so we're lucky at the moment. Apricot Chicken, I'm like you I love it but my eldest daughter is not keen on it. I must look up Not Quite Nigellas coleslaw recipe if this warm weather keeps up, although I'm sure it will change soon. Sandra

  5. Mmmm you have inspired me again with your meals, might have to make the apricot chicken tomorrow night, I haven't made that in a while . I've never thought to put dried apricots in with the mix, but will do that as I have some lovely local ones on hand . We are certainly breaking some records at Loxton I think with our below freezing mornings, lucky we have our combustion heater which keeps the house toasty warm :)

  6. Twelve months already? Crikey time doesn't wait for anyone does it? I thought it would slow down as I got older, but no, no it doesn't. I have had a very busy year!

    Love all your scrumptious food! You certainly like to cook :) I LOVE apricot chicken by the way, especially so when my mum cooks it :)


  7. I swear I gain weight when I come here! Gorgeous, yummy looking food.

  8. Clicking on your blog posts is like visiting with an old friend!



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