Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chicken ApricotCurry ...


My turn to cook tonight so I'm making Rick Stein's chicken curry.

I was searching for all the spices I needed so I decided to throw out all the stale crap have a tidy up!

We have nearly every spice known to man - we do love a curry here!

I have all the spices measured ready to go...

I bought a free range chook and wondered how best to cut it up. The recipe asks for 1.5 kg of chicken portions.

I had a look at a couple of YouTube clips and voila! Chicken portions and a good chunk of chicken to use for a lovely stock. Check this clip -

I'll be back with pictures of the curry later ... Joolz xx



  1. Do you realise how much weight I've put on since starting to read your blog!! :D We love curries too, but I don't pay the small fortune for the small bottles of spices they want here. We go to an Indian warehouse and buy it by the scoop full. Those bottles here cost around $5 or more each! I can fill a carrier bag full different spices and never pay more that $40 for the lot and it's a lot of spices. Do you have something like that near you? It would be worth looking into for sure. Don't start that curry yet, I'm on me way! :D

  2. Haha love it! Your spices and herbs look like mine. Seeing yours made me think, I'll get a few smaller plastic containers and separate - one for spices, one for herbs, one for baking & so on. Probably something most people do but until seeing yours I have never thought about different storage containers, mine are just in one large one. Can't wait to see the finished curry. Sandra.

  3. How did it turn out, Joolz. I got tired reading the list of ingredients in the first photo. LOL!

  4. I thought I had a lot of spices:) Please let us know what spices went in to that curry.

  5. Such a tease Jules...look forward to seeing the end result :)


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