Saturday, March 8, 2014

Girls weekend!

I am back in Adelaide for a few days of fun with my girls as it's a long weekend in South Australia for the Adelaide Cup horse race. This time I flew up.

I am armed with some recipes. I have had requests for a mornay, it will be chicken and corn but I use my tuna mornay recipe just swapping tuna for chicken breast. The girls like a good date loaf and so in honour of Beth at Babymac, who had a win with her date loaf (amongst other things) at her local rural show, I'll make a nice date loaf for them.

And here it is, ready to go into the oven! When I need to chop dates, I microwave them for 20 seconds. This softens them so they are easier to chop.

Ooh, it's out of the oven! Sooo good!

Dinner on Sunday night has been requested as Roast Lamb, potatoes, carrots, pumpkin & peas and gravy with mint sauce!
I dread to think what the airport authorities would have thought had they searched my carry on luggage! I was concealing 600 grams of suspicious looking white powder and a 7 gram foil packet - aka baker's flour and yeast! I am going to make bread rolls for our dinner too! I also brought a baking tray (for the roast) and a loaf tin for the date loaf.

Tonight, we are going to something called Bogan Bingo... Its a comedy act where we play bingo and interact with the bogan's running the bingo game. Its on at the Rob Roy Hotel. I am a little scared!

My girls have been before and tell me its hilarious! Time will tell! I think we are going to a Greek place for dinner too!

This mumma bear will be tired out after this weekend!

Stay tuned!

Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. Bogan bingo - I have this mental image of mullets, with flannlette shirts and jeans with thongs. It sounds like it should be a hilarious night have a great time.

    1. You hit the nail on the head - there will be mullets and flannies aplenty!

  2. Sounds like a blast!
    I cut up my dates with kitchen scissors

  3. How fun. And you're lucky you put it in carry on. Decades ago my mother asked a friend flying to a far-off city where some of our family lived to take a loaf of fresh-baked bread to them. The officials at the airport had a long discussion and think over of what might be baked into it! LOL They finally let it go through, but I doubt they would these days.

  4. I love the sound of Bogan Bingo!

    Your airport worry reminds me of the time I visited my daughter after she moved from Adelaide to Sydney. She requested (among other things) as much Farmer's Union Iced Coffee as I could bring. I took it in my carry on luggage - two of those 2-litre containers, which I froze solid first so they would be okay for the flight. Of course I had to explain all of this to the people manning the x-ray scanning machines :-)

    I love the food requests - and isn't it always for some kind of comfort food like a great roast dinner? Date loaf - yum! That brings back memories. Mum always did hers in one of those Nut Loaf tins, which we thought was cool.

  5. Ooh that looks so yum! Thanks for the tip about the dates, one reason I rarely use them is because they are a pain to chop!!


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