Thursday, January 9, 2014

Summer has arrived at last ...

... although it will probably only last a week. We are finally in for a week of warm weather, though not scorching, uh oh, yes it is going to be scorching - I was looking at a dodgy weather app! Expected to be above 36C at the start of the week!

My juicer has been getting a workout each morning...

Fruit salad for our dessert tonight and on cereal in the morning...

Pear and mango which I had after my lunch yesterday - yummy! Two serves of fruit right there.

We are having beef and cashews stir fry tonight I posted the recipe back in October. It's an Australian Institute of Sport recipe - lots of veggies and big on taste. Here's the link :

Whats cooking in your kitchen - any cool recipes for hot days?

Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. Love the juices, smoothies and juices just go down nicely dont they xx

  2. The fruit looks so refreshing and summery. We have lots of salads in this warm weather. I have some tinned lentils that I have been meaning to make a salad with.
    The air con is sure to get a work out this week!

  3. good to see the deliciousness of summer's bounty :0) Here in the mountains we are still dealing with below zero temps. Summer is along way away...

  4. Those juicers were the gift of the year in Sweden this year. Although I can't see them being a long term thing here because we simply don't have the access to good quality (or affordable) fruit or veggies suitable for juicing. Not much grows so far north, so everything is imported. Fresh fruit (especially tropical fruit) is something that I really, really miss.

    We are all about warming stews and soups here at the moment, but something that I like to make in the summer is Rice Paper Rolls. You can be pretty versatile with what's in them and have a lot of the stuff prepared in advance. They are pretty to look at and deliciously cool and refreshing on a hot day.


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