Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cookie Christmas tree, sore feet and ...

... Holiday entertainment ...
With a bit of spare time up my sleeve last night, I baked sugar cookies for a Cookie Christmas Tree..
I really don' t like royal icing - I think its hard to work with and I must note that this recipe made way too much, heaps more than needed. Whinge over!
I think I need to go to a podiatrist - my right foot is slightly swollen and I don't have the same range of movement in my toes and joints like my left foot.
When I tense up my toes, my right foot just can't do it!
See how it is swollen compared to the left? Do you think it could be gout? I get shooting hot pain in the big toe joint....

Here is my current entertainment - Bri and I are loving Land Girls and this novel, Secret Daughter,  just arrived so I started that last night. I came across it after Vicki from Life in my Empty Nest recommended it after reading it with her book club...
I finished off that gluten free Chrismas cake, topping it with dried apricots, cherries and Brazil nuts, glazed with peach jam. I am so pleased with it - I hope it tastes good!
Blogsy is not playing fair tonight so I will try and get this posted, fingers crossed (2nd attempt)!
Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. My goodness - that cake looks fabbo Joolz! Well everything does really, but I mean the GF one.
    I'm no expert but that does sound like gout. A friend of ours had it recently, a trip to the doc and 3 special tablets later it was fixed. In his case he had to cut out beer too .....

  2. Oh, poor you, it really IS swollen. Your cake turned out beautifully.

  3. Gluten free cake sounds and looks delicious. Is a sugar cookie tree for eating or just decoration? Either way I would like to make one. But I do find it hard to deal with shortbread in the warmer weather. Oh I hope you don't have gout; my mum has it and it's so painful. She never drunk alcohol either. It means your body is too acidic and needs to be alkalined with special diet etc. Definitely get it checked out.


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