Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day roundup...

Merry Christmas! I was so busy in the lead up to Christmas, I just couldn't blog.
I made another batch of Candy Cane Cookies to go with the florentines, sugar cookies, cherry ripe balls, cherry shortbreads, malt roll and I also made Fruchoccy Rocky Road.
All of these were bagged up then put on paper plates (in previous years I have used plastic Christmas plated/bowls). Christmas eve morning I did a Santa run and made the deliveries to some of my friends, hairdresser (who is my niece) and nail tech and would you believe, our town's funeral director. She happened to mention on Facebook that she was up early, trying to finish some 'work' before she could get on with her day. I hopped in the car and left a plate of goodies on her doorstep - something to enjoy with a cup of coffee or two!

Kirby did a great job decorating the pergola area...
Now we are up to Christmas Day - I was up bright and early to make mulled wine jelly for the pork plus a beetroot and orange glaze. We had 26 adults and 16 kids for lunch!
I made stuffing muffins (which were fantastic)!
By 9.30am I suggested we have a mimosa - so we popped a bottle of sparkling wine (here in Australia we can't call local bubbly Champagne, only French stuff) but decided not to spoil it with orange juice! Cheers to a big day ahead!
Bonnie, surveying the situation...
This is the first time we have roasted a full turkey and it was quite good. A bit dry but okay. I stuffed it full of lemon and orange slices and shoved a fresh bouquet garni up its jaxy!
The ham was good too but not the best leg we've had. Must take more time picking the leg out next time.
Now onto the food that we had for lunch. Kirby made this yummy Pesto potato bake (white and sweet potato)...
I made a watermelon, cucumber,fetta and mint salad with white balsamic glaze (another Julie Goodwin keeper)!
I made this Carrot salad (by Julie Goodwin) - it has carrot, shredded coconut, sultanas then a dressing of olive oil, curry powder, white wine vinegar and brown sugar. Toasted slivered almonds are tossed through at the last minute. Everyone loved this new to us salad!

The stuffing muffins after baking - these were also a hit!
Potato salad ...
Tossed green salad ...
Roast pork ...
Two minute noodle salad ...
Wild rice salad ...
Roast turkey and gravy ...
Buffet style serving ...
My plate ...
I was really pleased with the pudding and there was even a bit leftover for me to have later! We served it with warm brandy custard and cream...
Dear old Mum was a bit overwhelmed by her box of goodies we gave her - just day to day things - nighties, brunch coat, talc, hand cream, hair spray, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, socks, chocolates and cookies... We weren't sure how long she'd stay before wanting to go back home but she stayed 3 1/2 hours - it was so noisy with all those great-grandchildren!
It was last Christmas Day that Mum had her fall and cut her hand badly. A lot has happened since then, her diagnosis of Alzheimer's, moving her out of her unit into the aged care facility (which is fantastic) and some other health issues. Lots of ups and downs but it was nice to have her come for a few hours.
The little kids ran around, played Statues, played on the slip and slide and had a treasure hunt...
All the 'young ones' cleared out later in the afternoon leaving just my 4 sisters and two brothers-in-law and my two girls. It was lovely and quiet I could finally relax a bit and have a few wines. When it came time for dinner, we just had leftovers and my sister, Maz had done a crayfish platter - I enjoyed dinner so much. Dessert was tiramisu and trifle (by Sue) and pavlova (Janine).
They all left at about 9.30pm so we did a bit of a tidy then watched The Hobbit - well Kirby, Gus and Bri did! I only made it through the first half hour!
As you know, my sisters and I exchange a small gift each year, with a theme. Last Christmas, the chosen theme for 2013 was GLASS. Here's what we came up with!
Leanne gave us a Santa suited bottle of wine, a glass angel ornament and a mini homemade fruitake on a glass plate...
Sue gave us homemade goodies in a silver glass plate...
Janine gave us a mirrored hand wash dispenser...
Marilyn gave us colour tinted wine glasses ...
I gave my sisters a glass room fragrance reed diffuser and a glass Christmas ornament.
Sue chose this for 2014 - better put our thinking caps on, I reckon!
Well, that wraps up our Christmas day - it was a big, long day but it went off very nicely. Some elses turn next year!!
Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. What a wonderful Christmas you've had and that food, yum. I make a carrot salad very similar to yours only all I do is grate the carrot and toss in lemon juice to stop from browning, mix in coconut and currants instead of sultanas. My mum use to make this salad years and years ago and I resurrected it a year or so ago and it was a big hit. We also had roast pumpkin, spinach and toasted pinenut salad with a honey and balsamic dressing, potato salad, Waldorf salad which I make with pecans instead of walnuts. The salad dressing is a half and half mix of Greek natural yogurt and egg mayonnaise. My sister-in-law makes a salad caled Christmas salad with macadamias, snow peas and cherry tomatoes. We had turkey and roast beef and I made a delicious cranberry relish to go with the turkey. My sister-in-law always makes the pudding and we had apple pie and icecream for those who aren't into pudding. Of course there is always the other lovely special things like shortbread, Christmas cookies, chocolates. Lucky it's only once a year. It's lovely you Mum could make it for a few hours on the day. She looks very happy.
    Anne xx

  2. what a wonderful day,family and food great mix and all your food looks so nice,well done.xx

  3. Oh wow, all your food looks absolutely delicious, Joolz! I really like the idea of the stuffing muffins! So special to be able to spend some time with your mum. xx

  4. Fab day Joolz and fab food!!! You really bring the term "family" to real life!!! I love all your baking and love the gift idea...but I think next years one may be a tricky one!!!

  5. Y! U! M! Everything looks SO good. My mouth always waters when I see watermelon and cucumber's so pretty...and I don't even like watermelon. Glad it was a good day, and here's wishing you a very Happy New Year ahead!

  6. Hi Joolz

    Merry Christmas (a bit late of course!)

    Your food looks a-mazing as always! Can you please tell me what's in your potato salad and the 2 minute noodle salad?


  7. Loved seeing all your cooking Joolz.

    Thanks for sharing your special day, lovely post :)

  8. Love those salads Joolz. Also love your Christmas tradition with your sisters and presents - a beautiful post to read and I felt how wonderful your day was. Thanks for sharing it with us! :)


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