Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chocolate Cinnamon Swirl Cake ...

 I am trying a new Chai tea, recommended to me by a very old school friend - well she's not 'very old' , she's the same age as me, lol!.  I can't buy it in my home town but found it at our regional centre.  I brew it for 3-4 minutes then add hot milk and 1 sugar.  Nice!
 (Photo from Estelle's blog)
I found this lovely blog and recipe and just had to try it so here it is.
 The recipe called for butter milk of which I had none so I remembered Rhonda Jean at Down to Earth just sours plain milk with lemon juice to get the same effect.  1 cup of milk to 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.
 Mix dry ingredients in one bowl and the wet stuff in the other...
 Put half the batter in a loaf tin then sprinkle with half the sugar cinnamon mixture (obviously all over the cake not mid way as pictured) ... top with remaining batter then sugar again...
 Bake for 45 mins to 1 hour...
It made a lovely high loaf (took a bit over 1 hour to bake) and is delicious with a bit of butter...
I really love discovering new recipes from around the world, this one from Estelle in Texas (formerly of Maine, I think).  Have a look at her blog, there are lovely autumn decorations and all things Halloweeny!
Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. I don't drink coffee (strange I know I also don't like chocolate and do ironing - a friend reckons I am disgrace to the sisterhood!!!)but I love Chai either as a plain tea or a milky tea or a latte.

    We have been Sydney (nearly 800 kms away) at a concert with our teenage daughter and her friend so I missed the previous post. I have a set of tiny screwdrivers, normal size and a tape measure in my laundry cupboard. That came about when my husband went away with his hobby and took every one of the hundreds of screwdrivers with him and I had to put a new vacuum cleaner together without said scewdrivers 'not happy Jan'. He knows where they are but knows 'don't mess with my tools.

    After being away with two teenage girls I had to clean out my handbag but lets no go there LOL.

    I have fallen in love with your new bag though!!!

  2. wow you have been busy Joolz!!
    Love the look of that cake, will have to follow up. cheers Wendy


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