Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love Your Sister - A man with a mission ...

This is Sam Johnson and his sister, Connie.  Connie has breast cancer (Connie has beaten 2 other cancers in her short life, but this one is going to win) and she's been given 6-12 months to live.  Sam is cycling around Australia, on a UNICYCLE, trying to raise AUD$1 Million for breast cancer research.
This guy is awesome, funny, caring, brave - follow his journey via his blog : and also on Facebook at :
You can make a donation via the blog page
His journey has only just begun and he has faced many hot days (can you imagine cycling, let alone on a Unicycle!?) so I think this will be a huge challenge.  In each town he is greeted by people pushing money donations into his hand, he is blown away by the enormous support he is receiving.  Check out the route he is taking and if he is going through your town, please stand out and watch him pass by and press a note into his hand (or his helpers).  Sadly, he's not coming through my town but I have made a donation towards his cause.
Their message: Don't fall into the booby trap, be breast aware!
Go, Sam, Go!  You are a beautiful man!

Cheers - Joolz

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  1. what an amazing story. sadly our cousin has just been given 6mos to live, cancer is so evil,


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