Friday, October 5, 2012

Chocolate overload ...

We drove from Strahan to Hobart through the mountains with ever changing scenery. One minute snow country (no snow, though) then temperate rainforest and finally grazing country much like where we live in SA.
We arrived in Hobart and just had time to visit the Cadbury chocolate factory before it closed. We were shown a video on how they make Caramello Bears and how the actual chocolate is made.  Then we were ushered into their retail section where we could buy chocolate at quite reasonable prices.  We bought a few things, not much!
We had dinner at a Tapas Bar which was nice and noisy but a bit of fun!
Cheers, Joolz


  1. Oh, chocolate! You do know it is a food group, right? ;)

  2. ds visited there, and he didn't bring me any back with him!!!


  3. We did the chocolate factory tour...where you got to eat bits as you went along...and lucky for me, it was turkish delight day in the seconds shop!!!!
    Hope you are loving your trip...



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