Monday, December 5, 2011

It's up...

I got our tree up yesterday - it took about 4 hours! I have so many ornaments and yet, this year, I kept thinking there should have been more. I see bare branches when I look at it. Anyway, that's how it is for this year.
Things to do this week...
- post Christmas cards out (I don't do many, maybe 10)
- finish off my 4 sister's gifts - this year I chose the theme 'wood'.
- finish off 2 gournet barbecue hampers I have been making up for my S-i-L and B-in-Law
- attend end of year dance concert for Bri's friend, Maddy
- attend our work Christmas show (bus trip and dinner at a Steak House)
- today I have a final weigh in and assessment with Sheryl for the Spruce Up For Life program that has been running since October 17th.
That should keep me busy! Enjoy your week - we had a windy weekend here but it seems calm and sunny out there this morning, hope it continues for the rest of the week!
Cheers - Joolz


  1. Beautiful tree! Ours is up, but naked but for the lights. Maybe I'll decorate it this afternoon. It's cold, rainy, stay-home sort of weather.

  2. as is ours! Ours looks pretty sparse compared to yours though.

  3. It looks fantastic Joolz. We are hoping for a calm week here but weather not looking so promising.

  4. Your tree looks stunning Joolz... so much nicer than the ones they featured on AWW'S Christmas programme last evening which was a K Mart job - just baubles all in the same colour and no ornaments.I have also chosen a corner window for my tree in my formal living room this year. I also finished decorating the top of the Stanley stove which is now a tradition for me. Spent longer on that than I did on the tree! I can only do this in summer of course so I made the most of it. So want to go and pick greenery from the garden but know it will wilt before Christmas so might do that Christmas Eve. Hope you get all your tasks done - have a great week!

  5. love your tree. I will post photos of all my wedgwood ornaments in the next day or two.

    Gill in Canada

  6. Your tree is gorgeous. Enjoy your busy week.


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