Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mars Bar Chocolate Crackles ...

200 gms Mars Bars
2 tblspns thin cream
2 tspns cocoa powder
3 cups Rice Bubbles

In a small bowl, over simmering water - melt Mars Bars, cream and cocoa until smooth and runny. Place rice bubbles in large bowl, add chocolate mixture and combine well. Spoon into patty pans.
As an Easter treat - top each crackle with a small foil wrapped egg (I used Australian chocolate coins for our Italian guest).
Refrigerate to set.
On the menu last night - crumbed lamb chops, mashed potato, peas and carrots with rich brown gravy.
Chiara came home from school and went and had a sleep - she was tired from 'teaching' some junior school children how to count and say some things in Italian and the day had been quite hot.
Cheers - Joolz


  1. Mars Bar Chocolate Crackles, now that sounds like my kind of chocolate crackle, guess what I'm going to make this weekend....

  2. Sigh!!!! I am going to HAVE to make those now you know!

  3. Those choccy crackles sound wonderful! (Can't stand them usually) I reckon I could go some of them!

  4. Ohhh,crumbed cutlets !!! They have now gone on the shopping list this morning :0)

  5. oh my word! those looks so DELICIOUS! I really need to get a life and get back into cooking! Poor Huhoney....he is lucky to be getting a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of soup lately! OK now the yummy crunchy chocolate treats look delicious too! I am putting on the lbs. just looking at them!
    lots of smiles across many miles today! hugs to go with them...


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