Friday, August 21, 2009

Robynn's 30 day Throw Down...

I'm taking the challenge too!

After devouring some lovely food in the last couple of days, Robynn's post about her 30 day Throw Down has got me on a path of healthy eating.
Beginning on our first day of Spring, September 1, 2009 I will attempt to throw down junk food, fast food, processed food. Instead I will attempt to eat whole foods, cooked from scratch, raw foods, wholemeal food, low sugar and salt foods. I will attempt to walk each day with my friend, KP - we currently walk 5kms each morning, out and around town. On September 1, I will reveal my current weight then I will reveal it again on October 1, 2009.
I have previously lost weight with Weight Watchers so I intend to get out my books and cook from those.
Here are a few tips I am going to try:
* Eat wholemeal/grain instead of white breads/rolls in moderation

* Eat 2 pieces of fruit a day

* Eat 5 serves of vegetables a day (1/2 a cup is one serve I believe)

* Drink fresh juice only - not processed/store bought. No cordial

* Drink lots of water - 8 glasses preferably

* Eat lots of fresh salad - there are very few calories in lettuce, carrot, cucumber, tomato

* Look at portion sizes - meat should be the size of your palm,

a potato not much bigger than an egg.

*Eat fresh fish twice a week or include canned tuna and sardines in the weeks meals
Look out for Robynn's tag on other blogs - I see Tatersmama has also taken the challenge. Why not join in - you've got nothing to lose - or maybe you could lose 4-5 kgs!
Cheers - Joolz


  1. I would take the challenge BUT...we don't lose "kgs" over here.

    We lose pounds. ;)

  2. maybe I should be doing this too, I hopped on the scales this morning and didn't really like what I saw and I know my clothes are tighter. One thing Joolz, perhaps you should change your blog header picture to something less enticing.

  3. This is what I need to do. Sometimes you just need a twinkie though. :) Good luck

  4. Joolzmac!!! I am SO SORRY To be SO TARDY in saying a big THANK YOU to you for this great post and all your wonderful ideas. It's gonna be GREAT to do this together. And your recipes and food look fantastic. I'm munching on a raw pea pod! lol :)


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