Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some awards - Thank you ladies!...

Thank you Tania at Outback Tania for this award. I will now reveal 1o honest things about me. Marcy gave me an award (oh, weeks ago - sorry) from Blessings Each Day and it was very similar - 10 truthful things about me. Here we go....
1. I love my family first and foremost. I love my husband and I am so proud of my two girls. I love my mum and my sisters and my in-laws are lovely too.

2. I like to think I am a perfectionist and competent in daily life. I will wrap a present twice if its not right, tie a bow, try to re-ice a cake, fiddle with a blog post until its just right, undo many cross stitch stitches etc. I am prepared for most things - I carry bandaids, wet wipes, tissues, hand cream, sunscreen, nail file, scissors, diary, pen, chap stick, note pad, lady essentials, pain relief, toothpick/floss, salt & pepper - with me at all times in my 'bat utility' handbag! It weighs a ton!

3. I hate, detest, dislike (did I mention HATE) spiders above all other creatures on this lovely planet. To me they serve no purpose. Get rid of them anyway you can!

4. I think HATE is a terrible word and I would not use it to describe someone (other than spiders - Lol!)

5. I like to please people. Can I help you with that? I slow down for old people crossing the road, open doors for anyone, smile at strangers and say g'day because I can. What's to lose?

6. I dislike large crowds. Thirty people in a room is fine. 400 people at a big function and my head swims. Too many faces, too much noise. I am deaf in that situation.

7. I don't like to tempt fate. I don't like side-show rides, roller coasters, bungee jumping, sky-diving, ultra-light aircraft, motor bikes - anything could go wrong. My kids never had a trampoline - they might have fallen off and broken bones.

8. I love silver/white gold jewellery set with diamonds or sparkly white stones. Most of my jewellery is like this. Not so much the diamonds *sigh*!

9. I hate going to the Doctors or Dentist. I detest it. I am booked for a check up at the dentist in August. I will be brave!

10. When I select a magazine from the rack in the supermarket, I always take the one behind the first one - no-one's touched it. I always check novels when I buy them to make sure they don't have bent or marked covers. They must be in mint condition. Call me crazy (and I have other foibles like this too)...
Cheers - Joolz


  1. No wonder I like to read your blog...great minds, you know. The vast majority of these would match mine to a 't.'


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